July - Week 2 Update Progress


Just another update into how the development of the next update is going.
Currently I have completed 264 Renders for the next update, and given where I am in the day I expect to have about another 40 renders per character completed, meaning the total number of renders for the next update will be around the 400 mark. 

Going by the current progress, the next update should be out in about a week or so, however I will post a more accurate date when I am down to the last 10-20 renders.

Thanks for all the continued support and thank you to anybody who has left feedback, errors or bugs they have found. I've made over 100 minor changes to spelling and grammar   for the next update and a lot of this is due to player-feedback, so thank you!

I'll be putting the $10+ poll up shortly, and this months theme will be a lingerie photo-shoot theme and the voting for characters involved will run until the end of the month.
(How polls will work across multiple sites is I will add the votes together and then post the winner)