I hope you all enjoyed the update of Shadows over Manston.
I certainly found it interesting creating that update and it was nice to revisit the characters that I had created for it. It is likely there will be another update coming at some point in the next couple of months, however the upcoming update and the one after will definitely be Defending Lydia Collier as originally planned.

Progress so far for July:

Created and published $10 Poll Renders (Fiancee & Ellie, and Vanessa & Penelope)

Released a minor bug fix for v.2 of The Manifest: Shadows over Manston

Created and edited 135 renders for the next update of Defending Lydia Collier

What to expect this month:

Roughly 300 render long update for Defending Lydia Collier to conclude Sunday in the game's timeline, this update will continue the story and focus primarily on Stephanie, Vanessa and Jenna

So far I have completed 135 of these renders as previously mentioned, so I am roughly half way, however I will put up and exact release date when I am down to the last 20-30 renders so I am sure not to miss it.

Thank you for all the continued support, and please do let me know any feedback!

White Phantom