Mapping #1

Hey, guys!

In this post I'll cover some parts of the game's upcomming plot to explain necessity of the maps I'm working on at the moment. So medium spoilers ahead (expect a lot of them in future). 

The work is going, a lot of maps are done, a lot of maps to do. Since the last post I was polishing maps I've made earlier and creating new ones. Right now I'm focused on building the road between two locations you see in circles on the Fast Travel Map on top. 

Eastern Maps pack. In the last build you might remember that the way on East from Old Corona Village (former Damcus Village) ended on the map that had a mine:
In the upcomming build It will be continued:

I tried to make it diverse in order to make the maps not to feel repetitive, since this is supposed to be the longest way on the continent to travel somewhere without encountering a portal. You'll find standard stuff on the way - events, secrets and enemies to fight, or sneak by.

The town, that will be the destination, is important to complete king Frederic's quests, completion of which is tied to completing Rapunzel's arc. So for wrapping everything up about her in the next update, building the road is unavoidable. I won't be making the whole town though, just the entrance map.

The town was mentioned in the last build by the name "Feritatem". I wanted to make a sort of a ghetto grim looking place, ruled by a mobster or something, where civilians are rude and criminals are welcome. Like anti-Corona capital town. Where I can put characters that felt out of place in a happy place like the capital.

Feritatem was mine non-canonical addition, before Disney stepped in with the Rapunzel's TV-series expanding the lore, presenting us a town called Vardaros. Which was everything I wanted and more! It's non-welcoming place, filled with grim people, ruled by a kingpin named Baron. It's like someone leaked my draft script to them and they decided to low-key assist to our little project.
They even took it unnecessarily further and made it in form of vagina. Thanks for looking out, Disney.

Northern Maps pack. Aside of the road to Vardaros, I finished polishing the road to the Farm, along with all interious of buildings and caves you can find in these maps. It's implemented in the game and tested on clips and mismatches.

Again, the needy king Frederic will give you quest that covers visiting the northern village, so this pack will be extended a little further.

With that being mentioned, this concludes the work report. Right now I continue making the road to Vardaros. By the Fast Travel Map you can tell that I'm almost there. I say 2 maps short. I'm hoping to complete the town's entrance until 20th of July. Then we're going to build the location next to it.

Best wishes to you, guys!

P.S. While I was typing this post, Patreon censored two words that I often used earlier on this page. Which means, it's the matter of time when they ask to remove them too. So, I'll make some censoring works. Until the same won't be required for my SStar page, it shall remain in all its uncesoured glory.