My name is Morti! I’m a porn artist who draws part-time to keep the lights on.

The pledges and tips from this page help me not only to live a little more comfortably but also to fund my medical transition and any gender affirming surgeries I’ll require in the future.

The bulk of my art is NSFW fanart from anime and games and various commission work, but with SubscribeStar, I’ll be able to share more of my personal sketches and WIPs. ✨

❤️ With Tier 1, You’ll Receive...

  • Access to an archive of hi-res, uncensored drawings from 2018 to now!
  • Bi-weekly sketch dumps!
  • Atleast one full-colored illustration at the end of each month!

💚 With Tier 2, You’ll Get...

  • All of the same rewards in Tier 1, but with an added bonus of directly suggesting what I should draw for my sketches and monthly reward!
  • You will also get first dibs on any commission/YCH slots I open up in the future!

💙 Finally, With Tier 3...

  • You're granted you the same perks as the previous tier;  this option is if you’d like to add a tip to your pledge. :)

Alongside these perks, if I reach my first monthly goal, I'll open up a fourth tier that grants you a waist-up commission every month! Reaching this goal will also allow me to do art streams on a regular schedule.

The support of people who enjoy my work means the world to me and helps me create and live my life with more ease, and with this platform, I want to continue being able to share my artistic journey with everyone. <3

Thank you! 💞