Hello, it`s Keeper. I`m creating erotic 3D art about the dark sides of human life. Horror, violence, gore, depravity, that's my fetishes. Despite the fact art is just my hobby, I prefer quality over quantity and trying to achieve the professional look of my artworks.

What you can expect here:

- Monthly updates.
- Quality artworks.
- Weird fetishes.
- Polls, suggestions and other ways to being involved.

What you cannot expect here:

- Rich story lines (but i`m working on it!)
- Punctuality (but i`m wor... ah no, i gave up already)

And finally a Table of Contents for easy navigation.

- How to use (For Dummies)
- 2008-2019 archive for Supporters+
- "The Nightlord" comic and raw images.
- "Goblin Hunters" comic and raw images.