Hey everyone! I just want to say that I HIGHLY suggest going to my patreon page in June! I feel really bad because I tried to get everyone to move here and now I’m asking everyone to move back to Patreon lol so very sorry! The thing is, I was having a hard time with certain reward tiers and people not being able to access them but of course I had a dumb moment and I was able to figure it out and got it all sorted and I’m completely happy with the tiers and rewards that I have! It’s also easier for me to just record nsfw audios and simply post them there on patreon where I can’t do that on SubscribeStar. Not only that but I just found out very recently that when you cancel your subscription on SubscribeStar you lose the rest of the month rewards even tho you paid for the whole month unlike patreon where you would still get access to rewards until the month is over. Plus with SS the money thing can be a little weird? Idk how to describe it. I’ll probably still keep this page open just in case but I really think that for June you should go back to Patreon. It’s easier for me to post rewards there and there’s an app for me to keep tabs for on comments and I actually get notified when I get messages! I don’t get notified at all on here so sometimes I end up checking them very late not realizing I had new messages.