[Experimental] Our Apartment B16: 48 new outfit items added! Deffered Rendering (SSR support and toggle), Basically no other updates lol.

I said this month was gonna be outfits and outfits it is! The resulting tally is 48 new items and I haven't even started doing variants yet! But these additions come with some stipulations at this volume. 

  • The skinning was a basic job no real fine tuning, so there's DEFFINITE issues. There's gonna be clipping, and some ugly stretching. 
  • They don't have undress states yet, I know I'm sorry.  Especially for the leotard outfits, trust me that hurts me too...
  • Some outfit options may clip into others due to me not testing every combination, and being unable to limit certain combinations. It just is what it is. 
  • You might find it disappointing some combinations aren't possible but like I've said I have people working on a new outfit system that may resolve this. I won't announce anything further until there's usable progress. 
  • You may notice some items are missing from previous previews, they're coming, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

I'll polish these items over time, as well as add variant textures and wrap up the outfit options I made but skipped. But for now they'll be pretty rough. 

Now with this done generally don't expect massively different outfit options for some time, the exception being collaboration outfits. In those cases I may add a unique outfit option. For the next several months the focus will be new Animations, and then back to gameplay focus, outfits are closed for the most part now outside polish and mild texture work for variants. 
Deffered Rendering is Back!

Older builds supported deffered rendering and then at some point that broke and I stopped using it which limited some feature use. But now Screen Space Reflections are back, and there may soon be other rendering improvements too like with lighting and such.
So look forward to that!
I also did some experimental ideas besides normal clothing :3
There are 10 designs of these I commissioned from Shiroy, two of which I'm very very proud of for the idea. This is not one of them. :3
Ok now that we have new outfits what's coming with animations?

As I said before phase 2 of the content focus is new animations and poses. For the next month I will continue to not PERSONALLY work on new features and functions to the game and instead focus on more content.

  • First you can expect an alternate position to the Cow Girl scene 
  • Then there will be a new sex sim scene which I think will be a form of Doggy Style. 
  • There may be an alternate position for the Doggy Style animation but it depends on time. 
  • Some new animations may not be sex related. 

Unless something I feel is critical comes basically all of next months updates will be animation related. I do not know if I'll have enough time to get the content into a build though. It's hard for me to gain perspective of work load sometimes. But I'll know when I feel about half way.

Whats up with dialogue and audio?

Waiting on updates as far as writing goes, but as for VA I commissioned some work last month that I've yet to implement. In short I have a pretty solid sound library I need to use.  So probably when i get to implementing the new animations I'll mess with the Sex Sim sounds and implementing VA for the missionary scene. 

Anything else new?

Not that I'm ready to say just yet, I did make some extra money from a bundle sale, so I'm itching to pay for programming work for the game, getting the websites back up and other stuff...

But these things are largely not within my immediate control,  and I'm not ready or feel like I need to just take that control yet. Nor do I really want to do that in general. 

Also I feel like talking about things early jinxes it for whatever reason. 


Oh, uh in other news I know I keep saying I need to run some polls, I'll get to that sorry DX

Whelp thats all for now, Thanks for your support peeps! 

And if you have any suggestions for variants of existing outfits please feel free to say so in the comments!