July Update - Monthly Round Up

July Release

Poll Winner: Alara, The Ritual
Alara has been an option from the very start and underwent a redesign to bring her up to the standard I now put out for poll concepts on a regular basis. It's nice to see that she's finally going to get sculpted. She will be sculpted throughout July and released in August. No doubt I will be streaming progress so follow me at twitch.tv/ritualcasting or keep an eye on the Work In Progress posts on Patreon and the social medias.
Model of the Month: Maya, The Kraken Priestess
Maya has been a great and challenging sculpt. While surface details are fewer than previous releases, the overall complexity of having elements entwined around a model like the tentacle led to some brainstorming on how to divide the model without leaving obvious seams in highly textured areas. The other part of the complexity was making the base and giant tentacles modular enough for those interested in doing resin block dioramas. Full list of features below:

1:10 scale model of Maya, The Kraken Priestess along with:
   • 3 head options - standard, bald, and head and hair separate to allow for easier painting/airbrushing.
   • Chains or rope options for the hands to change the tone of the piece whereas she is holding onto the ropes rather than physically restrained.
   • Additional diorama pieces - This was a difficult thing to figure out. Some had expressed interest in making a diorama out of this piece using resin pours and the like to make one of those cool resin block water pieces. I've tried to accommodate this as much as possible with modular larger tentacles. They can be printed with the water splashes to act as a base if it's being fixed to a flat surface, or without the splash and the addition of extensions accompanied by base risers to allow depth to be added along with your own water effects. It's difficult to describe but there is a read me file and images to help explain this included in the zip files.
   • Magnet Wells - 6x3mm round magnet wells added to all parts of the model capable of supporting them, including the base.
   • SFW and NSFW - As usual SFW and NSFW versions are included along with combined, multipart, and pre-supported files for every single piece.

A note about the combined versions: Over the last few months I have began adding more options to my models and as a result I can no longer create combined versions for every permutation of the model. The logistics, management and storage of several dozen combinations is impractical and unfeasible for me to continue supporting. As a result the combined versions from this point on will be the "canon" version (in SFW and NSFW) as depicted in the original concept art.

1:10 scale bust versions with the same options as above with additional simple and special stand options. 

1:1 Jewelry Charms  - Additional sculpts used for decoration of the model but at a 1:1 scale for you to paint and play around with.

Texture swatch featuring the 4 most prominent textures across the models to allow you to practice before committing to the model. 

July Release: Maya, The Kraken Priestess
I would normally include photos of my 3D print but my printer has been out of action for the last few weeks and I've had to order an entire new Z-axis that should be arriving this week, so hopefully I'll be posting photos of the full print soon. Thankfully I've had a bunch of great beta testers making sure everything works and they've had great success so a massive thank you goes out to them.

The Trove Update: Apocalyptic Attraction 1:10 bust and Supported Augmented Beauty

I managed to get Claudia bustified this month. As usual available as combined, parts, and supported with simple and special bases, SFW and NSFW. Bustifying this one was a bit complex and required me to make an "adapter" of sorts so the pieces would work properly for a bust without having to entirely start from scratch. 
Augmented Beauty has also been updated with pre-supports too!

Both will be available in The Trove on July 3rd.  
Usual Content - Content Distribution Options
Usual content will also be available on July 3rd (or earlier depending on the billing completion). Renders, poll sketches and Work In Progress Shots will be available on the file shares.
As ever I hope everyone is well and staying safe in this crazy crazy world and as always thank you so much for your support!