Creator Spotlight: Inheritance

As most of you probably realize, I don’t usually do any cross-promotion or advertisement for other creators. One reason for that is that I insist that any project I promote has to have a certain level of quality; I don’t want to waste your time. The other reason—which is quite possibly the largest—is that working on AW doesn’t leave me with a lot of free time to play other games. I’m happy to be able to point out one project that’s made it through the gauntlet though!

Inheritance by Aftermath Team
It is an interactive fiction story that centers around the inheritance of an estranged uncle’s estate, which includes a mansion along with some… unique possessions that you take ownership of. The story takes place as your character adjusts to becoming a master, meets new people, and adapts to a new life. The game itself is rather unique, feeling somewhat like a visual novel with an above-average level of choice, with a lot of variation in events and content based on the choices you make.

The writing is definitely the strong point of this experience, and I say experience because that seems to be what fits this game best. The characters in the story are more fleshed out than what you normally see in an adult game, with their own personalities and motivations. It’s very different from what you normally see in eroge visual novels, where the story is either just a vehicle to get you to the next erotic scenario or there is an involved story with next to no choice.

Good Things:
• Strong writing and storytelling throughout, with lots of story content.
• Unique and memorable characters that develop as you play.
• Plenty of original art depicting characters and scenes. 
• Solid BDSM content.

Not So Good Things:
• As with similar games, you’re going to see a lot of the same things again on your way to make different choices in subsequent playthroughs. (It’s pretty easy to move quickly through repeated content, though you can miss subtle changes that happen in the text.)

A Note: As more of an adult story experience similar to eroge, it takes longer to reach erotic content and more story happens between erotic events. The anticipation and story can make erotic events have a greater impact, but like eroge, it isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for more action and less story, this game probably won’t be for you. 

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