New Goal Update!

When I first started patreon and subscribestar, I had a goal to try to produced daily content on those platform, with a guaranteed fully finished comic book page each week. I set a goal of $800 a month in order to achieve this, and I gained it thru a split total both on Patreon and here. Once I left Patreon due to them giving me 2 strikes for my work (3 strikes you're out) I quickly gained the full $800 on here, thus I was a able to keep my promise of One Guaranteed Fully Finished Comic Book Page A Week! Then Covid 19 allowed me the time to produce 2 pages a week, and it was fun to do so, but now that my state is getting back to order, I'll have to get back to storyboarding and my studio. Which is why I'm updating my tier goal now that the $800 a week has been well met... I will still TRY to produce 2 pages a week whenever possible,  (with one page guaranteed each week) but to guarantee 2 fully finished pages a week with the potential of 3, the new goal of $1500  must first be met. I am so close to it that I believe it can happen soon. Thank you all for helping me get this far with your continued love and support -Bunny.