Inheritance Progress Report:

I thought it was past time I caught everyone up on where we are.

With this bug going around, the last two months have been complete chaos. We've been very lucky on the Inheritance front though, while everything going on in the world has cut heavily into my writing time, many of the members of our team have been able to pull up the slack to ensure that all of you fine people have something to play! 
This build is going to be pretty special for several reasons. We've got a good amount of new content, more than 70 new images in the game, and our coders have been doing a staggering amount of work in the background. Additionally, we've got early lab content in place, the greenhouse seems to be working, and while both the kennels and stables seem to be working even if they still need some work. 

As of yesterday, I released a test build in preparation of Fridays release of the game. Lacking any surprises, that's going to be pretty close to the build we see at the end of the week (We've made a couple of really minor fixes since then.) 

I've also got a lot of submissions coming in, I don't have time to get it into this week's build, but it's going to be a big step toward what will be a truly epic build next month. 

We're working on some other exciting stuff in the background, but I'll refrain from saying much about it until we're a little closer to the big reveal. 

In the meantime, I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. Keep your eyes pealed for Friday!