The 20+ Cute and Lewd Outfit Options Coming Soon!

Hello peeps, I've been putting a ton of work into a big content push, starting with outfits! 

At the moment I have over 20 outfits (There's more than the images above actually) that are ready for implementation. It will still take some time to retopologize some and texture, but the hard part is out of the way really. 

Each of these will not only have single versions but variations on design and colors too!

I do plan to start implementing states of undress more properly (the feature has long been there) especially since some of these really need that to be appreciated properly. 

Awesome! What else are you working on!

There's still some accessories that I need to make, namely Collars, some head ornaments, and maybe bracelets and ankle stuff. The collar is a particular desire of mine, I even bought a Rope physics asset for it! :3

I'm also working on new animations which will be an alternate position for Cow Girl first, and then a new position entirely! There will be previews for this soon!

And lastly I want to wrap up the Subscribe Star Exclusive character Alex, so there should be progress on that over the next few days I think. 

Sorry for the short update but there's a lot to do! Also sorry there's no build just yet, I might be releasing Linux and Mac builds before the month lets out. We'll see depends on if i have any issues, this may be supporter only initially so i can have people test the build to make sure it works at all.

Thanks for your support!