Double streams of Hunoepop and Somethng Unlimited! First off videos should be delievered later on tonight. Sorry about the wait just been super busy with physical therapy (I know not an excuse).

I will do 2 streams this week im looking at doing one Tuesday (or thursday) either during the day or at night (let me know which is better for you guys) and saturday around 10am eastern time (again let me know)

Once again guys I stress that if I owe you a reward and you want to claim it you gotta DM me on here or Discord about it. Thank you again and keep an eye out for more awesomeness! Please comment on the days that are good for you. I'll be looking at doing a ton more streams directly for you guys next month as a thank you for allowing me to basically recover from physical therapy this month.

Once I get feedback from you guys I will update this with official times. Let's finish Huniepop off so we can do another new game in stream!