First post on Subscribestar! Hi.

I doubt this place will get any traction. Er, I don't mean the site as a whole. The site will probably grow just fine. But my little subscribestar page probably won't see any traffic. Since I already have a Patreon, that seems to work well enough. But I wanted an alternative to Patreon, since some news makes it sound shaky as an adult platform. And some events make it difficult for some users to actually subscribe.

So this is honestly a fall back site. However, I'm going to run it exactly as I would my Patreon. So you won't miss anything by using this site.

As a reminder, all of my art is posted on twitter for free. Subscribing is only if you'd like to go the extra step, and support my art. However, it's Patreon/Subscribestar that push me to put out high quality work every month. So help motivate me, by making me owe you.