Dev Update #33

A quick update on the development of Summer Scent Day 4.
There is not much to say. As I explained in my last update I didn't work on the renders of scenes 18/19. I focused on preparing and coding all scenes so I could send them to my proofreader.
And it's done. All scenes have been sent. Corrections have already been made up to scene 12.

So... what remains to be done?
  • Posing and rendering of scenes 18/19. That should be pretty easy. 30 renders should be more than enough.
  • Post Processing. One day of work, maybe one and a half.
  • Bug fixes. I have a small list of bugs to correct on previous content.
  • Testing, tweaking, testing again, again and again. Just to be sure everything works as intended. 
  • Correction of scenes 13 and up, when my proofreader will be finished with it.

The next dev update should be the last one before early access.

I hope you're all safe and well.
Thank you!