Book of Lust v0.0.59.1e Public Build

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Hey guys!  So, this update turned out to take longer than I thought it would.

First up, I've introduced Valerie Price.  She currently has a Sketch sex scene while playing as Jake.

Secondly, I've added generic placeholder text for sex/compulsion/dominate mind/fuck other actions for all of the available characters.  It's just 2-3 lines of dialogue stating that you bang, but the stat value changes and impregnations should work between all of them.  I wound up reworking some old code for this, so there might be some buggy scenes.  I had to update some of the old scenes' code as well.  Let me know if you guys find anything odd.

Thirdly, I added a check to the save/load system that looks for corrupted save files.  I got a comment saying that a player got locked out of the options menu because of it.  If a save file is corrupted, the options menu should load and say that the save is corrupted and gray out the save/load buttons for that particular file.  I've also included a delete option to delete save files from inside the game as opposed to rummaging through the appdata folder.

The changes to the save system should be light and shouldn't break anything.  It was just adding a check to see if the load script isn't able to complete for whatever reason then displaying an error message.