Dev Update #32


The situation here with the covid 19 related lockdown is getting pretty absurd. We now have to wait in line for hours just to get in a shop. Shelves are still mostly empty. Some hoarders are stripping them of everything as soon as they're refilled. Things like toilet paper (why ? seriously?), flour, pasta, rice, and sugar are now nearly impossible to find. We should all be confined but there are still morons strolling in the streets like nothing is happening.

Anyway, let's talk about Summer Scent.

I finished posing scene 17 but I finally rewrote a lot of it. It took me quite some time but it's finally done. However, I'm now pretty happy with the results. I hope you'll like it.
Writing of scenes 18 and 19 is done. I'll probably rewrite some minor parts of them while working on the posing but I'm already satisfied with what I produced. I've started the posing, but I'm going to put it on pause for a few days so I can work on something else. I need to code some scenes so I can send them to my proofreader.

As of now, V0.4 contains :
  • 42000 words
  • 456 renders

Remain to be done :
  • Posing Scenes 18 and 19
  • Coding scenes 10 to 19
  • Correcting the script when proofreading is done.
  • Post-processing.

Thank you for your support and your interest.
I hope all of you are safe and well.