Pieces of my Heart - Snap Shot 08

Hello! Welcome, little kinksters to another PomH Snap Shot!

Today we will discuss our plans for unshockable content in the game, how you get them and what they actually are!

Within the game is our fake dating app, Titter. Titter was designed from the ground up to emulate the experience of dating in the 21st century, the first contact with your next possible "lover" is done via text, messages, and possibly phone calls. All to establish a connection and a desire to meet each other in the flesh, likely at a crowded event or restaurant.

To this end, we added in the messaging system in the game which connects you with your dates. They will explain a little more about who they are and what they like! When asked a question you can reply with one of two answers, and your response could be rewarded with a photo from your date, it might even be sexy.
I've gone ahead and attached a few of the in-progress drawings we have for the rewards, naturally in the next build we have it will be all included and completed, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I hope you enjoyed a quick look into the unlockables and hopefully, we will have a build for you very soon!

Stay frosty!