Greetings VoidBounders,

                         Today, we've a quick announcement regarding the bi-monthly artist streams. Deviating from our normal setup, we've decided to hold one stream, instead of two, for the month of March. The reason we made this call was in light of the upcoming expansion patch and the unusually increased workload that it levied on our artists. Thus, to alleviate the fatigue factor, we reduced the stream count for this month. We do apologize and regret the inconvenience. 
                          Additionally, instead of drawing the voter's top choice option, Doppel will be working on the second most voted choice of the Discord poll. Please, do not fret, for this is a mere postponement. The top choice of the poll will be streamed in the month of April. We decided to make this last minute swap so players can get the opportunity to understand and get accustomed to the new characters before they make an appearance with Caly in sordid streams. Once again, we apologize and request your patience on the matter.

That being said, here are the details:

Stream Link:
Day: 28th March, 2020 
Time: 9:00AM PST (Time Conversion Tool: ) 
Theme: Drunk Caly going wild and getting nailed at a party.
Some party..

Please note, we actually had a tie with "Drunk Caly" and "Centaur x Caly" choices so we had to tie break it based on order. Rest assured, we haven't ignored you preferential votes for other choices and will make a dedicated effort to incorporate them in the upcoming streams as well.

As always, you're welcome to join us on the Discord voice chat or chat on the Picarto platform. Whichever way you preference, we sincerely hope to see you all at the stream!

Kind Regards,
Cursed Atelier Team