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Greetings Doves! We are two ladies that create sultry and lewd comics and artwork for your viewing pleasure.
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This one's for free~!
If you would like to have a HQ Download of her, feel free to join our $10 tier!
Also, here is some links to our other content:
Hentai Foundry
Comic Fury (for our comics)
Enjoy doves! *Smooches*
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See those two? That's us! SHHH! Don't tell nobody!

Hello doves~!
We are new here, and decided to give this gorgeous place a try!

Who are we?
  • We, PillowPrincess, are a happily married couple who create, write, and illustrate stories together~! We enjoy doing what we do and would love to have more time for creating content! Our little family is important to us so if we can find time to be together and do what we love that would be truly amazing.

Why should you become a Subscriber? 
  • You can join in by pledging any amount you wish and getting exclusive access to sub only content and sneak peeks!
  • $5 subscribers get Love Genie pages up to 1 week early! 
  • All subscribers get an automatic 10% off of commissions!
  • Subscribers can watch private streams!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at 2PillowPrincesses at

Our Stream Schedule is:
> To Be Announced! <

We do hope you'll join us in our sultry endeavors and thank you for taking the time to read this~!

With Love From


We are LGBTQ+ and female friendly and welcome everyone to our little lewd circle!

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to reach
the goal
We will purchase better equipment that will allow for faster and better quality artwork from us. We will also put out a poll for a story or scenario you all can vote to see happen!
to reach
the goal
With this, we can put more time to creating pages and as a reward to our lovely patrons we can have more time to update Love Genie in full color. We'll throw in extra content and create a subscriber voted pin-up once a month for our dear doves!
to reach
the goal
My wife and I will work full-time on our comics and have time to work on all of our promised projects and artwork!


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