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illustrated smut fiction
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 24 - Ore mine battles end 05-25-21 06-01-21
Chapter 25 05-29-21 06-05-21
Chapter 26 - Interlude rev06-09-21 rev06-09-21
Chapter 27 06-05-21 06-12-21
Chapter 28 NSFW 06-08-21 06-15-21
Chapter 29 NSFW rev06-15-21 06-19-21
Chapter 30 NSFW 06-15-21 06-22-21
Chapter 31 NSFW 06-22-21 18:00 UTC 06-29-21

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Public post

Roadmap for Future Work

Honk honk dear readers,

I consider making several changes.

Current state of IHSM

The story is currently in a first introductory arc. It is divided in roughly three acts

  • Setting up chapter 1-9
  • Battles introducing abilities chapter 10-25
  • Last crisis chapter 25-now

This arc should end roughly around chapter 35

The story should be at a good state within 50k words with Slade available to have smut with the girls.

What is planned after the introductory arc

This story will be in a hiatus. I will regularly release NSFW drawings to enrich the smut scenes and keep you updated.

During this time, I will fulfill several objectives:

  • Building up a backlog to around 24 chapters for subscribers and have an easier time refining and foreshadowing properly.
  • Write a SFW version of the story. The NSFW is still the canon, while the SFW will be an absurd adaptation. I will make small adjustment in story telling.
  • Making promotional art. I've always wanted to bait SethTzeentch's reddit into reading HoMM inspired fiction. But I want to make a SFW version for everyone.
  • I'll spread to other platform like Patreon with the SFW version and post on Hentai-foundry.

During the hiatus, every subscribers will be prolonged for free. You will have access to all my SFW chapters before they are released to the public.

Thank you for your support!


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Chapter 30 NSFW

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Chapter 12 Censored Public version

Milia and Shaki were about to have sex inside a safe spot at the ore mine. Recharging the slime’s mana was mostly an excuse for the women who missed each other for a few days.

Slade was hanging from Milia’s crotch, approaching Shaki’s vagina.

The minotaur lifted the thigh of the laying troglodyte. She slowly inserted Slade into her friend. They both shuddered. A drop of blood trickled from the troglodyte’s hole.

“I love you,” Milia said as she rhythmically struck her hips against Shaki’s buttocks.

I’m just a toilet slime. Slade vibrated into both of them.

““Ah!”” They moaned together, their juice overflowing.

“This is…” Shaki's breath was stuck in. The slime’s rod had many strange bumps, and the sensation overwhelmed her.

“I can’t stop myself!” Milia shook her hips, not letting Shaki get used to it.

The slime bumped deep inside her, gushing out fluids with each strike.

She had never hoped to be penetrated by Milia. The ecstatic troglodyte moaned as Milia kissed her neck.

“Milia… I… I can’t hold-"

Shaki tensed as her abs twitched. Her juice sprang generously, spilling on the ground.

“I came so fast… I’ve waited for your embrace far too long,” she said.

“Heeeeh... that’s not good, you’re leaving me behind,” Milia said, extracting Slade from the panting woman.

“What are you saying? You started it by having sex with the troglodytes without me,” Shaki said playfully.

“But you’re always sending me away because you’re too busy digging,” Milia whined.

“That’s right. I eagerly anticipated snuggling with you after a good day of work. Is that wrong?” Shaki asked.

Milia gasped.

“I was really hurt when you had sex without me.”

“I’m sorry…” The sheepish minotaur lowered her gaze.

Shaki removed Slade from Milia’s crotch.

“Look at me, Milia. What am I to you?”

The slime slipped into Shaki’s vagina as she walked forward.

Its big rod loomed over Milia’s blushing face.

“I love you, ‘Boss’.”

*Huh, I think that I’m starting to understand how my faction works.

Lorely > Violet > Shaki > Milia > Lorely.

Violet can’t refuse the overly concerned Lorely.

Shaki is strict at obeying the hierarchy.

Milia can’t win against her friend.

Lorely is too cowardly to face Milia.

And then there’s me, a toilet slime at the bottom of the food chain.*

“Hmm… That isn’t true anymore,” Shaki said.

“Violet can’t hold a candle to you. You would be the perfect sovereign, so let’s just ditch her.”

Shaki snorted.

“Maybe, but that’s against the rules, and bad girls should be punished.”

“Hmm, fine...”

Milia got down on her knees. She stuck out her butt, spreading its cheek with her hands.

“Punish me.”

Her shaking vagina was drooling, as she was on the verge of coming from the previous position.

Shaki humped Milia’s behind in a doggy style. She grabbed Milia’s left hand, pressing against her back. She buried her face into Milia’s neck, biting it playfully.

“Ah! I came!” The minotaur shouted, as her breasts swung back and forth.

“Let’s increase the pace.”

“Wait… Hnnn! Ah!”

Shaki straightened her upper body. She smiled as she saw the gushing juices leaking out from Milia’s vagina.

She slapped her buttocks.

“Ah… more!”

The female troglodyte gripped Milia’s horns and struck harder, knowing that the minotaur’s constitution could handle anything.

The aphrodisiacs made the women more sensitive, moaning harder from pleasure.

“I’m coming again!” the cow woman screamed.

Slade unleashed his fluids into both women.

“I’m... not finished!” Shaki said.

Milia’s mind was overwhelmed by pleasure. Her guts were burning with passion for Shaki. She was her plaything.

“Going… to… faint…” she slurred.


Milia sprawled on the ground after coming again, her butt still sticking up.

Shaki penetrated Milia’s anus and lifted her legs up.


“Body switch,” Shaki said.

The marking on her face faded away, while it appeared on the male troglodyte’s cheeks.

He stood up and pressed his bulging dick against Milia’s womb. Licking his teeth like a predator, he let out an indecipherable screeching

“Mistress said, ‘I am going to use this pawn for a while,” the female troglodyte said.

“No way, that’s chea- Ahn~~!” Milia moaned as the male troglodyte made his way into her vagina full of slime cum.

The two troglodytes hips humped both sides of Milia.

“Uah hah hmm-!” Her moans were interrupted by a drooly tongue invading her mouth. Shaki was using the male pawn to kiss Milia

“I love you too, Shaki!”

“You’re still... going faster?”

Shaki resumed the pumping motion with her fresh vigor.

The troglodyte’s penis got harder as Shaki increased her speed.

“I’m losing my miiiind!!” Milia screamed.

Shaki screeched from orgasm.

“Hueeaaaaah~” Milia let an exhausted moan as the semen poured into her womb and anus.

They let the exhausted woman down.

Shaki returned into her female pawn body, immediately fainting.

“Huuuh haaah?” She twitched on the ground, overwhelmed by the male’s orgasm compounded with the female pawn’s.

“Unfair…” Milia whined.

Her human features turned into cow-like. She grabbed the strap-on slime from Shaki’s sensitive vagina.

“Aah!” the troglodyte jolted in pleasure as the slime gently made its way out.

Milia let Slade wrap her hips. Thanks to her transformation, she was bigger and stronger. So, she could lift Shaki’s body like a toy.

“Aaaah?” Shaki moaned.

Milia inserted her slime penis into Shaki’s vagina.

The troglodyte hung from the slime, her feet unable to reach the ground.

The minotaur grabbed Shaki’s head and lowered her.

“Pawn, deepthroat her with your dick,” Milia said.

“Wha-” Shaki was interrupted as her mouth was invaded.

“You used your troglodyte power first, so I’m going to use my minotaur strength, hehe” Milia said smugly.

She humped at full speed, ravaging her friend’s vagina.

“How does my vengeance taste?!”

“Hmbfrgh!” Shaki’s mind went blank.

They came together. The male pawn screamed along Milia’s roar.

Semen flooded inside Shaki, gushing out from her nose.

Milia straightened up, letting go of Shaki’s head and hand.

Like a ragdoll, Shaki let her limbs dangle. She was purely hanging from Slade and the pawn’s dick.

A purple tattoo appeared over Shaki’s womb.

Milia let down her lover. She stared at the ravaged woman filled with cum with a sense of victory.

She lay down next to her, exhausted. They held each other's hands, paying no attention to the pawn and Slade.

The lonely slime stared at the troglodyte.

We did it, bro. Good job to us, yay~

Slade lifted a thumb up to his broglodyte, who tilted his head in return.

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Chapter 29 NSFW

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A521d945 de52 485f a92d b2e5c97d8b08 120x120 58x4 552x552
Public post


I have updated the NSFW gallery with the latest chapter's NSFW. I didn't have time to do more, but it's a monster orgy that I need to draw.

EDIT: Fuck... I messed up Violet's breasts junction with her torso... I'll adjust it next iteration.

I have updated my roadmap where I report the future of this fiction.

Thank you for your support,


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Chapter 28 NSFW

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A521d945 de52 485f a92d b2e5c97d8b08 120x120 58x4 552x552
Public post

Chapter 27

In the previous chapter… Hostile camps noticed a magical abnormality as Violet was unleashing a powerful spell in the ore mine. Slade’s party was about to witness the abnormality from the front seats.

A few moments before the ripples of mana surged from Violet...

Butterflies of light fluttered from the glowing floor. The ground cracked open, as blooming vines and flowers climbed the bodies of the fallen gnolls and beholders.

Beads of light appeared over the corpses and slowly descended.

“Behold, the wonders of Earth Magic!” Violet spread her arms.

The sigils scattered in particles of light, swept by a raging wind.


Oi, are you for real?! Slade thought.

The beads of light entered the dead bodies. Large flowers swallowed them, hiding the gory sight of the mending organs and flesh.

Everything went as planned, until Violet writhed in pain.

“Ah… Aaahhh… Guaaaaaaah!” Violet screamed.

Hm? Is that part of the spell? Slade wondered.

“Violet?!” Lorely rushed to her.

Pah! Her bracelets broke into pieces.

The spectators fell on their back, blown by a shockwave. The harpy hag crawled back on her feet.

Ugh… What’s going on? Slade lifted his head after several dizzying, tumbling rolls.

Violet convulsed while screaming, unhinging her jaw. Her face split open in a shower of blood and tears.

Her body floated in the air, as if invisible limbs toyed with her. It twisted her slender limbs, tearing her skin and wringing her blood.

Lorely held onto her, aghast.

A bluish membrane covered the harpy's body, repelling the assault of the flooding mana.

[Skill: True Sight activated.]

Overlapping with his vision of the physical world, Slade saw sinister shapes sticking out from Violet’s mouth and torn skin. They wrapped around her like a tornado.

A strange vortex swirled around Violet, shredding her body.

The flowers bloomed in the rubbles of the battlefield, revealing the resurrected beholders and gnolls.

Everyone got up, confused by the situation.

“Help!” Lorely yelled.

Slade, Griscent, Metiva, Shaki and Milia rushed to Violet.

Milia’s hand recoiled in pain when she tried to touch the floating woman.

“Recommending distancing for low level or warrior type heroes,” Griscent said.

“Slade, please save her!” she asked.

The slime jumped right onto Violet, defying the tempest of mana.

Not only was he unharmed, he could absorb mana without drinking any fluid, quickly filling him to max capacity.

He activated the healing skills to patch up Violet’s terrifying wounds.

The helpless rooks nursed their raving sovereign while Griscent analyzed the broken magic bracelets, but her state only worsened with time.

It was only thanks to Slade that Violet could hang onto her life. He was stuck in a loop of drinking blood and regenerating her tearing flesh. Absorbing her mana seemed to relieve her, but his efforts were like drinking the water from a sinking ship and pissing it back into the sea.

Half a night passed since Violet’s seizures started. The gnolls, beholders and troglodytes were led by Shaki and Milia to get food and sleeping places.

“So what is your First Aid skill saying?” Lorely asked.

“The tip of her limb keeps getting twisted no matter how much I heal. Her internal organs are in an awful shape too. They keep degrading at a fast rate around something that I can’t heal…”

“Mana center failure. Mana pool losing human shape,” Griscent said.

“So you can’t treat it… When you rejuvenated her appearance, we hoped it would restore her insides too,” Lorely said.

“Did I... do something wrong?” Slade asked.

“Of course not! You’re doing your best,” Lorely said.

But his efforts didn’t matter to him. Only Violet’s life did.

Fuck this! Everyone treated her as a limitless warlock. She can revive the dead, so how could she end up in this state?

Not finding any solution, his mind turned against him.

If I killed the beholders, would she still have suffered from a magic backlash?

Shaki, Milia and Metiva came back with food for everyone.

Strangely, the gnolls and beholders easily left their grudges behind and celebrated, thanks to Slade’s mediator title and Milia’s abilities as a party hostess.

The warm mood was a delightful sight. Slade wished Violet to recover and laugh with her subjects.

The girls approached with food.

“Lorely, isn’t it high time to spit out what you know about her?” Shaki asked.

The harpy nodded, carefully choosing her words as if she was handling a delicate secret.

“Violet was born from an experiment to infuse a mana vortex into a sovereign, permanently granting her unlimited mana.”

Nobody reacted much to her embarrassment. They had no clue about mana vortices. Only Griscent was nodding.

“It was successful at first. She was a wild and unrestrained warlock. Her young self would implode and revive heaps of corpses at a snap of fingers…” Lorely said.

They glanced at the gnoll witches, brought back by the miraculous Resurrection spell.

“But her magic became unstable as she grew older. She could faint on the battlefield for no reason, fail a spell, or hurt her own allies. Ultimately, she was cast away and had to wear sealing bracelets,” Lorely said.

“Why did she do something so dumb?” Milia asked, tilting her head in confusion.

The gnolls hugged their precious revived partners and mourned the ones who couldn’t come back.

“The last time wasn’t that harsh. But it appears that her control worsened a lot over ten years…” Lorely said.

“I am grateful. She is… a good person,” Metiva said.

She prayed for the floating figure that looked less and less human.

Shaki sighed, disapproving of Violet’s risky actions.

“That’s a lot of mana though. Even I can feel the pressure deep in my body,” Milia said.

More precisely, Milia’s mana center could sense the overwhelming surge of mana swirling around Violet, despite her low attunement with external mana.

“I’m concerned by how dangerous the situation is. Is she going to blow up and kill us?” Shaki asked.

“Nobody knows for sure. That’s part of the reasons they sent us to this remote location, far from our faction,” Lorely said.

“Good grief, that’s why the summoning cost was so cheap.” Milia smacked her forehead with her palm.

“Hmm… The school of Water Magic specializes in dispelling and countering mages. Some spells can even inflict damage to the mana center by disrupting the mana pool during a spellcast. Something like this could happen to us if her mana pool exploded near us,” Metiva said.

“Metiva, do you have techniques to help her?” Shaki asked.

“Unfortunately, we’re only taught to disrupt spellcasters, not to help them recover. I might worsen her state if I carelessly interacted with her. We could research but it might take years until we find ways.”

“Sealing bracelet analysis complete. Immediate repair failed. Metals and crystals required for repair,” Griscent said.

The Evil Eye approached the group with broken fragments of bracelets in a pouch and a written list of materials.

“Thank you Griscent. Having another good mage is a big help,” Lorely said.

“We already have crystals back at home. Let’s dig the ores right here and process them at my place,” Milia said while reading the list.

”You should take Violet back to the crystal mine, since there is nothing here. Maybe you can even find spare seals in her room,” Shaki said.

“In case she explodes… It was nice to meet you Lorely.” Milia made a salute.

“Don’t talk as if we were already dead!” Lorely cried.

“Don’t worry, I’ll meet up at Krisnan with our new tentacle buddy and the material to repair the seals,” Milia chuckled.

“Let’s enjoy the food before your departure,” Metiva said.

Only the slime and the Evil Eye remained at Violet’s side.

“Master, shall we take a break to eat the food they brought?” Griscent asked.

“No, I’m staying here.”

Griscent sighed and left to fetch a pan. When it came back, its tentacles brought bite-sized chunks to Slade.

“This is the perfect opportunity to strike down your sovereign and enslave everyone. Shall we proceed?”

“Very funny…”

[Alchemical synthesis learned: Roasted Boar meat.]

Griscent gave Slade an unfathomable stare.

“This won’t be as funny to you, but someone tampered with her seals to induce a Water Magic disruption. Your sovereign was likely betrayed.”

“Seriously? Could it be Shaki or Milia?”

“Maybe… Who knows? It might be another sovereign’s scheme. You should choose carefully who we are siding with,” Griscent said.

“So… You were not joking?”

“Forgive my presumption, but I am very pessimistic about your current sovereign’s future.”

“I’m sparing no effort to save her right now. I couldn’t care less about what the future holds. If you don’t wish to help me, then just go away.”

“You can’t save her in the long term. The mana vortex is returning to its original form, ripping her physical body as her mana center is failing. In the first place, her existence makes no sense.”

“What exactly is a mana vortex?” Slade asked.

“It is a phenomenon that gathers mana. It can be summoned in Dungeon towns to double a single person’s mana pool for a week… Violet’s experiment makes as much sense as trying to put a tornado into a box. This couldn’t possibly work, right?” Griscent said.

“I see... we should ask Lorely how they infused it into Violet,” Slade said.

“Hmm… Right, she said ‘infuse’… That term is often associated with spirits,” Griscent said.

“Spirits? Like Crown?” Slade glanced at the giant earth spirit.

“Yes, I would describe them as the mana powered crystallizations of concepts, wills or mindsets. Though they can look like living beings, they are much more special. All miracle ruled by an intent, without the lead of a physical brain, relates to spirits,” Griscent said. It pointed at the Gnoll King’s artifacts.

“Take that buckler, for instance. It was infused with the spirit to protect one’s tribe. This gave birth to a defensive mana-powered phenomenon. To be more precise, it was the weapon art ‘Tribe Guardian’ that saved you from my ‘Integral Convergence’ attack,” Griscent said.

“So… She’s like a magic item? Can we disenchant her or something?” Slade asked.

“Taking such radical actions might finish her off. But this is something I can approve.”


Slade was already irritated by Violet's unfair situation. He ran out of patience for Griscent’s subtext and dark humor.

Instead of discouraging someone who’s trying his best, how about you fuck off? Slade thought.

“Why are you so fixated on her? Can’t you bet on a winning horse rather than an old beat up sick one?” Griscent asked.


“Please, open your-”

Slade spat back a piece of meat at Griscent.

“I’m full. You can leave now,” Slade said.

“You little-”

“Ha! Fite me, bitch!”

The Evil Eye opened its eyelid wide, glaring at Slade with a purple flash to unleash a skill.

“Wait, that’s illegal-”

Darkness swallowed the world. He fell on an invisible floor, facing a single creature -Griscent-.

“What’s happening?!” Slade shouted.

“That’s my personal skill: Prison of Illusions. We’re in an isolated dream, cut from the real world. Don’t worry, Slade. I am only doing what’s best for the both of us,” it said.

A system window popped up.

‘Until both parties aligned towards a single vision’… In other words, I can give up my ideals to Griscent, huh? NEVER!

Author Notes

Honk honk!

Yep, there's a last ordeal before the festivities with Gnollbros. I rendered the harpy pawn in priority so that you guys sees what they actually look like for the first time.

Next chapter is going to be smut but a bit short because I have IRL stuff to do this week end :(.

Thank you for reading!

Special thanks to our subscribers: Puck, Eternal_Havoc, LabRunner, JK, GM, TB, MS, S2, SD and Hedgeboar for generously funding our degeneracy (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ).

See you Tuesday 18:00 UTC for the next chapter!


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NSFW commission

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A521d945 de52 485f a92d b2e5c97d8b08 120x120 58x4 552x552
Public post

Chapter 26 - Interlude

Revision 06-09-21: added portraits because there were too many new characters at once so it could be difficult to follow. I also adjusted the flow of some sentences. Read on ScribbleHub without the red marks.

NEWS: I’m proceeding to change some tags on SH. Look at the author notes for more information.

In the previous chapter… Slade’s party finally conquered the ore mine, converting into a new Dungeon town. To celebrate this victory, Violet unleashed a mysterious massive spell.

The setting sun cast beautiful orange lights on the snowy mountain peaks.

“Really can’t see shit outside…” an infernal troglodyte muttered, blinded by the sunlight.

He stuck a paper magazine right into his face.

The ‘bright side’ was that black ink absorbed more sunlight radiation than the blank paper, improving the heat infrared contrast of the text. Hence, the troglodytes could read despite not having eyes.

“Hmm?” He turned Eastward.

His instincts sensed a pressure, as if someone was about to unleash a spell right next to him. But nobody was there.

“Must have been a fly…”

While Violet performed shining miracles of Eath magic in the eastern ore mine, Dungeon overlords were diligently working all over the world.

The overlord rook waited alone at a cave on the western side of the mountain.

He was an infernal variant of troglodytes, a lizard-looking humanoid with spikes on his back and brown patterns over his scaly skin.

Despite wearing an intimidating set of Overlord armor with horns, spikes, and belts, he was casually engrossed in reading in the middle of neutral territory.

He didn’t even lift his head when a huge flying monster with a lion head, bat wings and scorpion tail landed near him.

“Farlach, are you alone?”

A middle-aged looking woman stood atop the flying monster, pulling him from his musings.

“Yes, I sent the rookie with the warlock to claim the artifact themselves.”

The amber haired woman rubbed her chin, caressing the mole next to her mouth. Her purple eyes peered into him.

“I did ask you to train them but...” the sovereign said.

Farlach didn’t like it when she put her nose into his methods.

“Don’t worry, they should be here any-” he said.

“aaaaaaAaAaAaAAAAAA-” screams echoed from the cave, and grew louder as its source approached.

Farlach jumped on the lion-headed flying monster, landing next to the middle-aged sovereign.

“Scorpicore, take some distance please.”

Their flying steed took off, circling in the sky.


A red-haired woman dashed from the cave, carrying a blond boy in one arm, and a red two-handed flamberge in the other.

She had freckles, red horns, and a reptilian tail dangling from her butt.

Throwing the kid on the ground, she could finally catch her breath.


“Farlach! Huff- I got the sword! Huff- Help!” the red-haired woman yelled,

“What are you saying? It’s your training, you’re supposed to kill them all by yourselves!” the troglodyte shouted from the scorpicore’s back.

“What the hell, man?! You sent us with a pair of troglodytes and you only told us to get the relic!” the kid screamed.

“Minotaurs are lower tiers than you, so why are you complaining? You have skills, use them! What about your new artifact?”

“I don’t even know what it does!” the red-haired horned woman protested.

“Then read its description, haha!” Farlach said.

“Shitshitshi- Ah- Reddragonflametongueweaponart-”

“And you goldilocks! Do you want to be featured in ‘useless rooks’ magazines again?” Farlach shouted.

“No way I’m doing this shi-! Oof!”

While the blond kid tried to run away, the red-haired woman tackled him by reflex. She grew used to stopping him from running away during the whole cave exploration.

“Fuck, alright!” The blond boy sluggishly got up, drawing his wand and spellbook.

The sovereign stared at Farlach, raising her eyebrows.

“Please stop looking at me like that. You told me to train her as fast as possible,” he said.

“Raaaaah!” A crowd of minotaur finally emerged from the cave. They charged at their two targets as soon as their eyes were accustomed to the light.

Large bat wings unfolded from the boy’s back. He hovered a few centimeters from the ground, releasing his magical sigils.

His spellbook spat out a cloud of sparkling dust which gathered into clumps around him. Eventually, the harmless looking powder turned into dozens of floating swords.

“Magic arrow!”

The swords flung at the minotaurs, slicing and stabbing their flesh. Once they lost their momentum, they scattered back into nothingness.

It was his expert earth version of magic arrow -Blade Dance-.

The three minotaurs leading the charge stumbled from pain. But the horde of angry minotaurs leaped over the fallen comrades and headed straight at the rookie.

“I’m out!” the blond boy turned around, only to see the rookie holding a scorching flaming sword downward.

“Wai-” he dashed away from the red-haired woman.

She screamed, stabbing the sword into the ground.

A sphere of flame engulfed the minotaurs, the rookie and the boy.

“Oh my…” the sovereign muttered.

The flame receded, and the rookie was fanning fresh air to dismiss the smoke. The boy rolled on the ground to put out the fire on his half burnt hair.


A two-handed axe struck into her abdomen, sending her flying. She was knocked out, crashing into a tree.

“Farlach, stop fucking around and save meeeee-” the kid screamed as a minotaur lifted his axe right above him.

A translucent spear landed between the minotaur’s and the kid’s legs, startling both.

“I’m going! Brace yourself,” Farlach said as he lowered his helmet’s visor.

“Hmm? AH!” the sovereign yelped.

Farlach kicked the scorpicore so hard that it dropped a few meter down.

For an instant, he soared into the sky like a dragon. Picking up tremendous speed, his figure sundered the sky as he fell down.


He landed right in front of the minotaur’s leader, leaving a crater from his two-handed spear’s impact.

“What in the world-” the minotaur king stuttered. He froze, realizing that Farlach already brought the tip of the spear against his neck.

The blanking monster dropped his axe, and his followers dashed back into the cave.

[The minotaurs awed by the power of your force, begin to scatter. Do you wish to pursue and engage them?]

Farlach relaxed, leaning his spear against his shoulder.

It's useless if I receive all the experience points. Rookie, goldilocks, go back inside,” he said.

The red-haired, bloodied woman limped back from the tree, but she froze hearing that order.


The blond kid already transformed into a full scorpicore and flew away.

“Farlach, that’s enough with the training. I need them both in good condition to go beyond the mountain range,” the sovereign said as her steed landed.

The red haired woman spread her arms to the sky, thanking the heavens for their mercy.

“What? But Amber, she’s not ready! We barely even started! She has no experience leading an army!”

“It cannot wait. My plan must proceed to its next stage, in the one in a million chance that another sovereign else replaces that bitch. So it’s fine as long as she knows how to fly,” the sovereign said.

“You better take me with you then,” Farlach said.

“No, I can’t afford to take your spare bodies and slow us down,” the sovereign said.

“I’m fine with a single life-”

“I’M NOT. You have your own tasks here. End of the discussion. Frenpiya, come here.”

“Yes! Thank you for the training, old geezer!” The rookie climbed the scorpicore.

Followed by another scorpicore with a half-burnt mane, she showed her middle finger at him as they disappeared in the horizon. To which Farlach responded with a warm wave of his hand.

“Ah… Talking back like that... Look at how they grow so quickly,” he sighed.

He picked up the magazine paper he had thrown down when he jumped on the scorpicore. Folding it, he slipped it inside the gaps of his armor, tucking it in his briefs, and walked home.

At the same time, in Lerarch’s mage guild…

An apprentice wizard ran through the corridors with a stack of papers. He blasted through his mentor’s office door.

“Master! We detected a singularity at Bleakwoods!”

He shoved the reports in front of the old wizard with great expectations.


The bald elderly man finished writing his letter, paying no attention to his student. Then, he opened the next letter and read it.

“Are you reading your letters right now? We have an emergency!”

“Shut it! Did you send your abstract for the oncoming symposium?”


“What are you waiting for? Stop wasting my time! Shoo! Go away!”

The apprentice was gently escorted out.

He spaced out, staring at the ceiling.

“I should talk about it to the adventurer guild…”

At the same time, in the Bleakwoods forest, right outside of the ore mine cave...

“We almost caught it!” a female elf shouted in frustration.

The gnoll they were chasing disappeared from their line of sight because her partner suddenly stopped and drew his twin arming swords.

“Didn’t you feel a weird pressure coming from this direction?” a male elf asked.

“No,” she stared at him, very displeased.

“Maybe we should check it later. There might be other gnolls.”

She rolled her eyes, not wanting to take on more workload. After kicking her partner’s butt, she dashed through the woods.

“Why?!” the elf yelled.

Author notes

Honk honk!

NEWS: Tags change on ScribbleHub.

  • Removing Female to Male: The instances of that gender switching are mostly small jokes that have zero impact on the plot. Like Shaki switching to a male pawn or genie (female) upgrading into master genie (male), so it will probably disappoint the readers of that subject.
  • Keeping Male to Female: At some point, our slime has to infiltrate as a human with a not too ugly face. So it might turn into micro subplots.
  • Adding Rape: The setting is about invading species brutally murdering each others under the supervision of a few human leaders. The sovereigns are often the perpetrators and victims of warcrimes. Don't worry though, the main characters are spared from that fate.
  • Adding Polyandry/Polyamory: Some species being matriarchal, the female can choose as many husbands as they want or share them. For instance, Metiva has her own harem of male gnolls.
  • Adding Slaves: A cliché of the isekai genre, of course we’re making that happen here too.
  • Adding Genetic modifications: The slime has the ability to synthesize the genetic material of the dead corpse he ate. Using the impregnation skill and shapeshifting into the same race as his sexual partner, he can procreate and finely control its genetic material based on the gene pool he has eaten. Not only that, his new ability Spliceshift is about Shapeshifting into genetic combinations of the creatures in his gene pool.
  • Adding Incest: Well, are Slade’s children really technically his if none of his original genetic material is passed down lol?
  • Adding Tentacles: Can’t believe I forgot this one Don’t hesitate to tell me if there are missing tags I should add.

The Dragoon Raid drawing lacks the dynamic perspective oomph I imagined :(.

Thank you for reading :)!

Special thanks to our subscribers: Puck, Eternal_Havoc, LabRunner, JK, GM, TB, MS, S2, SD and Hedgeboar for generously funding our degeneracy (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ).

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Chapter 25

Warning: mild NSFW drawing

In the previous chapter… The beholders and the gnolls asked to serve Slade. As a result, Violet learnt that he could turn into a talking puppy.

“Yeah, he turned into a gnoll cub and talked really cutely. His fur felt great to pat,” Milia said.

Oh no, here it comes! Slade thought.

Slade ejected out from the golem, ready to run away.

“Oh my… it’s awesome! I want to see it too!” Violet shouted.

He sighed in relief. At least Violet wasn’t disgusted like Shaki.

“Slade, come here and show me~!” she said.

She crouched to his level as he timidly crawled out of the golem’s feet. On his four limbs, he cutely tilted his oversized head.

“Hewwo Viowet...” a high-pitched voice came out.

She buried Slade in her chest, rubbing her cheek on his fur.

“Your voice is so cute!” She broke into laughter.

“His face is funny too,” Lorely chuckled, bopping his nose.

“What a handsome cub,” Metiva patted him. Her eyes glinted with a predatory spark.

“Blind. Frustration. Despair,” Griscent said.

“Yeah, he’s good at sex too.” Milia scratched his tummy.

“Y-yeah? What do you mean?” Violet asked in a flustered voice.

“We had sex to recharge his mana. He can’t regenerate mana on his own without sex. Didn’t you know?” Milia asked back.

“Really?! Oh my god, thank you Milia for feeding him! I wouldn’t have sent him away if I knew that,” Violet said.

“Yeah, right… You would rather keep him all for yourself. I know you did it together.” Milia wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“What?! That’s wrong! I- I would ask a harpy to do it,” Violet said, her eyes swam.

“No need to hide anything, we can ask someone else instead… Is she saying the truth, birdtits?” Milia asked.

Violet dove into Lorely’s chest, seeking refuge.

“Shhh… Everything is fine,” Lorely whispered into her ear.

“Mistress, you made a really perverted slime. Also, I found bestial rook-sovereign sex books in the medicine shelves back when Milia was injured from fighting your golem. I thought they belonged to Lorely but I’m starting to doubt my judgement,” Shaki said.

“There’s no way I’d read something like tha- oops, sorry mistress,” Lorely said.

“Fuck, I thought we wouldn’t need medicine if we never got out of the cave,” Violet muttered.

“I see that’s where your passion for magic comes from. I guess the longer you stay single, the more degenerate you get. As expected from the century virgin granny!” Milia roared in laughter.

“Noooo, stop looking at me like that!” Violet screamed.

Slade was no longer the scapegoat. Everything degenerate about him was reported on Violet.

“I-I am not just doing weird stuff with magic! Just you wait, I’ll show you the extent of my powers!” Violet said.

“Mistress, don’t push yourself!” Lorely said.

“Let’s go summon the town core, Lorely!” Violet couldn’t take the bullying and initiated a tactical retreat to the ruined palace.

“Slade, eat the dead harpies and clear the rubble covering the casualties! Make sure you don’t move the other corpses from the ground!” she shouted as they flew away.

“So… Uhm… What about us?” Metiva asked.

Milia put her hand on her shoulder.

“You’re going to pay back for that betrayal, remember?” she asked.

“O-of course, we’ll help you lord Slade!” Metiva ran away with the gnolls, to dig out the corpses.

Slade refilled his alchemical reserves by eating the fallen harpies.

[Shapeshift: Harpy form acquired.]

In top condition, he finished healing the injured beholders.

His secondary skill -Basic First Aid- worked in tandem with Regeneration, advising him on prioritizing specific wounds to save his patients.

Eventually, he saved 5 beholders, increasing his army to 48 specimen.

Fortunately, the experience points were not deducted for not finishing them off.

“Incredible! Your healing is flawless!” Griscent said.

“Could you take a step away or two?” Slade asked. The giant eyeball was uncomfortably too close.

“Anyway, let’s try my new form!” Slade said.

[Shapeshift activated: Harpy form.]

He turned into a miniature girl.

“You look cute,” Griscent said, whipping out a hand mirror from a dimension rift.

“What the hell?! I have a normal face!” Slade shouted.

He rubbed his head trying to shapeshift his face with male features. It turned into his usual :3 face.

“Fuck that shapeshift skill!” He threw a tantrum, trashing on the ground.

“Master, our artifacts are under this giant pillar! Can you lift it?” Metiva asked.

Slade returned to Crown, the earth elemental. The gnolls and the beholders worked together to clear the debris.

By the time they finished, Violet and Lorely were back.

“Let’s celebrate the founding of the Holloweye Dungeon!” Violet shouted.

“Awesome! Yaaay~!” Milia clapped her hands.

The beholders gave a weak cheer as they had mixed feelings about their home being invaded.

“Come on, guys! It isn’t as good as the southern plains, but you found a new home without kobolds to bully you!” Milia slapped the back of a gnoll.

The gnoll sniffled, nodding in tears. His family didn’t survive the fight, but the other clan-member could finally rest in a safe place.

“Let’s start by building a warren to make some pawns!” Violet said as she fiddled with the sovereign book.

Small tunnels appeared at the wall of the cave, and 14 troglodyte pawns emerged from the shadows.

“Shaki, you’re in charge of the troglodytes to mine the ore,” Violet said.

“Alright, can I take 5 of them as personal guards?” Shaki asked.

She could link herself to 6 different troglodytes, and it felt uncomfortable to have only one life left.

“Sure. Let’s move on to the main event! I have a mind-blowing spell to show you all!” Violet said.

“Aren’t you pushing yourself too much?” Lorely asked.

“It’s fine… I changed my bracelet only a month ago.”

Violet took the warbanner and flipped her floating spellbook open.

Slade could feel a tremendous amount of mana filling the cave.

“She won’t implode us, right?” Metiva asked, worried by the long cast.

Overlords and Warlocks were infamous for their ruthlessness and show of power.

Knowing Violet’s gentleness, Slade couldn’t imagine that she would intentionally harm them… But intentionally was the keyword.

After a few minutes of spellweaving from Violet and Lorely, the ground brightened.

Butterflies of light fluttered from the glowing floor. The ground cracked open, as blooming vines and flowers climbed the bodies of the fallen gnolls and beholders.

Beads of light appeared over the corpses and slowly descended.

Author notes Honk honk!

The next chapter will be an interlude to introduce the other plot threads and antagonists.

The chapters afterwards will be about Violet. Touching her limitations and her background as a warlock, it creates more choices and characterization for the main characters. Eventually, we’ll reach the smut when Violet recovers a bit.

Anyway, check out the gallery for the new NSFW drawing.

Special thanks to our subscribers: Puck, Eternal_Havoc, LabRunner, JK, GM, TB, MS, S2, SD and Hedgeboar for generously funding our degeneracy (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ).

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Chapter 24 - Ore mine battles end

rev 05-26-21: I forgot to count the harpies in the casualties count.

In the previous chapter… Slade rampaged against the beholders, defeating their remaining forces. He let them surrender, but Slade feared that Violet would suffer from his naive action like Milia and Shaki suffered from the gnolls’ betrayal.

“How about we serve you instead?” the Evil Eye asked.

“Wha-? No, not me! Serve that cute girl there, instead!” Slade said.

With power came responsibility, and Slade wanted none of that.

“We’ll become your citizens and work hard to generate sovereign points.”

“Okay?” Slade had no idea about their worth.

“Judging by your audacity to invade with a handful of troglodyte pawns, I bet your sovereign is poor. How many citizens are living within your Dungeon? Tell me,” the Evil Eye asked.

“Uh… That’s confidential,” Slade muttered, sweating bullets.

“See? We have much to gain from each other, but we refuse to become slaves. How about you become our middleman?”

“Being a representative sounds like a big hassle!” Slade said.

“You’re a beholder like us. If you can understand us and provide the freedom to flourish, I don’t mind helping someone like you,” it said, ignoring Slade’s complaints.

“Someone like me???”

What does it know about me? Slade couldn’t tell whether it was a compliment, sarcasm, or both.

“We’ll do the laundry, cleaning and unethical cooking experiments for your sake, so be grateful.”

The image of a beholder in a French maid uniform popped in the slime’s mind.

“Oh hell no! Too bad for you, it just happens to be my specialty as a Toilet Slime. Stains and piss are my staple foods!”

“Uh… Are you fine with that? It sounds fucked up,” the Evil Eye said.

It has a point.

Slade went silent. Will he ever be able to gain the respect of the one he loves if he has to eat everyone’s shit? At the very least, he wouldn’t be able to.

A system window popped up in front of Slade.

[Ore mine conquered.

Warrior Tomb conquered.

Slade has gained levels.

Slade is now a level 20 Toilet Slime Pet.

Attack skill+1 Defense skill+2 Spellpower+1

You have acquired personal skill: Spliceshift - Combine up to 2 shapeshift forms.

You may learn either Advanced First Aid or Basic Diplomacy as secondary skills.]

I’ll choose Basic Diplomacy… That’s what I need right now to stop the beholders from hurting Violet, Slade thought.

[You receive Secondary Skill: Basic Diplomacy - Provides help and knowledge during negotiation.]

[Synergy detected between Diplomacy and Shapeshift!

Increase the level of Shapeshift Form from succeeding diplomatic deals involving the Form’s species.]

“If you are still hesitating… I am willing to follow you in battles. I am a level 43 warlock. Here, take this proof of loyalty.”

The Evil Eye lifted a grimoire at Slade.

“This is my spellbook. None of my comrades can cast magic without it,” it said.

[Basic diplomacy activated.

Your side offer: Protection and freedom for the beholders under your responsibility.

Reward: level 43 warlock and an undefined amount of Sovereign Points.


  • The beholders suffered heavy losses, and no longer wish to pursue a vain battle
  • The beholders seem to admire your mercy
  • The Evil Eye is grateful for being healed and offers its most precious item

Conclusion: Low probability of long-term betrayal on the proposed terms.]

I just wanted them to surrender… How did it end up with me taking beholders under my responsibility?

Slade gulped as he took the book.

“It seems like we have a deal,” the Evil Eye concluded.

[The beholders join you for the greater glory!

  • Shapeshift Synergy: Beholder form leveled up.
  • Learned skills: Beholder Tongue and True Sight
  • Unlocked skills: Beholder’s Convergence]

Good, I don’t have to switch to beholder form to understand the Evil Eye.

The slime looked at his status window and saw the 4 gnolls and the 43 beholders stacks in “Slade’s army”.

He groaned, feeling the weight of responsibility.

At least, I’ll look cool to Violet if I manage her citizens.

[For hiring gnolls and beholders, you are granted the ‘Mediator’ title - decrease morale penalty from interracial conflicts.]


[For putting the greater glory before your own interests, you are granted the following titles.

Pushover - decrease charisma.

Reluctant Leader - personal moral penalty according to the size of the supervised army.]

What the!?

Having no mental energy left, Slade kicked the mocking system message from his mind.

He couldn’t resist taking a peek inside the spellbook, but he couldn’t decipher the strange sigils.

“Can I give it to my sovereign?” he asked.

“It’s fine. I have plenty of books to finish on my bedstand. Also, my name is Griscent,” it said. It blindly probed, reaching for Slade’s tentacle.

“Mine is Slade, nice to meet you.”

They exchanged a wiggly shake.

“From now on, we will follow you as long as you treat us reasonably and respectfully,” Griscent said.

Slade chuckled because it said it so grandly despite its pathetic state.

“Apparently, being laughed at is your definition of respect,” it said.

“Ah, sorry.”

“It’s fine, it was a joke.”

Fuck, its speech is so monotone that I can’t fathom what’s going through its mind.

“I’m thankful for this great reconciliation. We get to live and preserve the mother-pillar, and you get free sovereign points,” the Evil Eye said.

The slime swallowed his insecurities for the sake of the greater good, but a nefarious plan budded in his mind.

I’ll fucking push my responsibilities on someone else at the first opportunity I get.

“Alright, Griscent. Here’s your first mission: Can you explain our deal to my sovereign? I’m scared about her reaction if she knew I could talk.” Slade remembered that his voice reveal didn’t go very well.

“Already scheming behind your sovereign by hiding your true power, huh? I like that.”

It got to be a joke, right? I can’t fucking tell!

“I have an interesting tip for you. A hero can only be bound to 3 orders at once. Also, you can always retreat from life-threatening situations regardless of your sovereign’s orders.”

Is that how Griscent left its previous Dungeon?! Wow, it might actually be really helpful if I need to get away...

The slime returned inside the golem. He walked back to Violet with the beholders in tow.

He lifted his arms in victory, holding the spellbook in one hand and the squished Evil Eye in the other.

“Grhuhgr? Rrrkrkr... (Could you not expose my delicate body like that in front of everyone? I’m quite shy…)” Griscent groaned.

“We won!” The gnolls cheered as the golem came back with the defeated enemy commander.

Meanwhile, the rooks were already celebrating the victory, since they received the same pop-up message as Slade.

“Hey, I picked up Weaponsmith (Offense) as my secondary skill. What about you Shaki?” Milia asked.

“Logistics… Also Milia, don’t rush alone ever again,” Shaki said.

“Come on! Everything went fine. Look, my plot armor is OP! Didn’t you see my power up in the middle of the battle. I even changed hair color.” Milia flexed her biceps.

“Ah… I need to take a rest, a nap maybe.” The tired troglodyte just rolled into a ball on the ground, next to Metiva.

Violet stood next to Lorely, welcoming the golem.

“I take it that the beholders surrendered,” she said.

Slade lowered his hands, presenting the spellbook to her and the wounded Evil Eye.

“Assumption correct. Request for Dungeon citizenship under Slade’s supervision. Offering personal spellbook as token of loyalty,” Griscent said.

Violet took the book.

“Oh, very good! I will accept you as my villagers. Then… How about turning this place into a proper Dungeon? Since there is already a Pillar of Eyes, it would save precious resources,” she said.

“Proposal accepted. Home renovation required,” Griscent said.

“That’s a wonderful idea! Having a back-up town is a relief,” Lorely said.

“I will summon the town Core. Can you tell me where’s the safest place here?” Violet asked.

“Palace. Tunnels excluded for risk of suffocation, flooding and collapse,” Griscent said.

“Please wait!” Metiva said.

The gnolls approached.

“Oh, are you angry that we’re making a town in a gnoll grave?”

“That is certainly questionable, but… I want to serve lord Slade’s as well,” she said.

“What’s with this popularity? Slade can’t even talk. Are you trying to take advantage of my slime?” Violet asked.

The matriarch gave a look of confusion.

“Slade can talk,” Shaki said.

“Heh?” Violet blurted.

“Gogooh... (Mission failed),” Griscent said.

Author Notes

Honk honk!

A lot of changes for Slade... I need several more chapters before reaching the smut part, so let's be patient.

Thank you for reading!

Special thanks to our subscribers: Xedex, Puck, Eternal_Havoc, LabRunner, JK, GM, TB, MS and S2 for generously funding our degeneracy (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ).

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Chapter 23

In the previous chapter...

Violet summoned her giant Earth Spirit called Crown. Tired from the cast, she sent Slade to fight the beholders in her stead.

Is it the elemental spirit? Slade thought.

It jumped up and down.

Slade reached for the light with his slimy tendril.

Yeah, I’m a friend! Can you help me? he thought.

The golem raised his foot and smashed the ground with all its strength.

A shining shock wave spread from the golem’s foot. Huge pillars of stones shot up from the ground, piercing into the spellcasting beholders. The giant tentacles dispelled as the beholders wriggled in pain.


“Requesting surrender.”

Didn’t you deny the gnoll’s surrender?!

His fist lifted the lying Evil Eye from the ground.

He heard strange noises. A pathetic beholder was clinging to his hand, desperately trying to pry his fingers open to release the Evil Eye.

The Evil Eye’s golden platings fissured under the increasing pressure.

When he flicked the beholder away, outraged beholders jumped from gaps in the rubbles, covering the golem from head to toes.

“Ordering... escape.”

But the monsters didn’t obey. They stubbornly hang onto the golem to pry its fingers open, gnawing at its skin of rock.

Splat! The Evil Eye finally popped, squirting its content through the golem’s fingers.

Fallen on the ground, the collapsed monster twitched like an insect. The beholders jumped from the golem, probing it.

Slade raised his foot over the crowd of monsters. The bloody victory was within a step away.

But the resigned beholders stayed at the dying Evil Eye’s side despite the looming shadow of the foot.

Come on, let’s kill them and call it a day.

He stopped his foot, waiting for signs of struggle from the monsters.

‘Evil Eye’ is such an ominous name. It must be purged!

Instead, they were crying.

[Toilet Slime is affected by low morale, and doesn’t act during this turn!]

Good grief...

He glanced at Violet and slammed his foot on the ground.

Thinking about it, he was the intruder while they were the defender. Perhaps, he could find something better than complete eradication of the natives.

The dust settled. His foot purposefully missed.

He couldn’t help but pity the enemy. His resolve snapped, straining his conscience like a mismatched corset that was forced on a pig.

Alright, I’ll let them surrender.

Slade chose another conflict to escape his inner turmoil. He had to protect Violet while giving a chance to the beholders.

Of course, I’ll kill them the moment they do something suspicious.

From outside, it could look foolish. But it was the path of least resistance for Slade, because he faced his guilty conscience.

I have to make it work!

[Shapeshift: Beholder form]

Leaving? the light asked with a hint of loneliness.

“Be right back,” Slade said, climbing up the golem’s neck.

Standing atop the golem’s crown, he looked down on the mourning beholders. He took a deep breath, calming his raging heart.

“Heed me, brothers!” he shouted in the beholder’s tongue.

The sad beholders looked up.

“I serve the great and merciful sovereign, Violet Ylenward! Our goal was not to hurt you nor the Pillar of Eye, but to take control of this ore mine.”

The defeated crowd looked at each other.

“Your colony is currently a threat to my mistress. But I shall spare you in exchange for your loyalty! Become the sovereign’s subjects!”

The beholders saw a glimmer of hope.

“Yeah! I’ll accept it if she protects our Pillar of Eyes too!” a young one said.

“Yes, we’ll do it!”

“No, they killed Griscent!”

“Griscent fought for freedom and independence of mind! How dare you give up your liberty like that?!”

“Life is more important!”

The crowd stirred up, unable to reach a consensus. The slime rolled his giant eye.

He jumped down, landing on the Evil Eye. It was better to hold its life as a bargain chip than letting it die.

Slade reverted to his slime form under the fascinated spectators. He wriggled inside the gaps of the Evil Eye’s body, activating his healing skills. The wounds closed, stopping its hemorrhages. After having a taste of its blood, he synthesized enough to bring back its consciousness.

The eyeball was still deflated, but its life was no longer threatened.

“How could it be?! It healed Griscent from the brink of death without using a spell!” a beholder shouted.

“Oooh, it’s a miracle!” they waved their tentacles in joy.

“Sludge of miracle!” they cheered.

Slade returned to beholder form and slapped the lying Evil Eye to rouse it up.

“You’re the boss, right? What do you offer for your surrender?” he asked.

“Do you accept gnoll pockets?” the Evil Eye asked.

“Wha-” Slade shook his head in disbelief when he noticed the dead gnolls encased in broken clay statues.

“We have little to offer, you see?” it said.

“That’s it, I’m killing you and your friend,” Slade said.

“Okay, but I don’t want to become an eye-pocket. I have taste after all,” it said.

Is my translation skill not working properly? Slade was confused.

“Don’t you care for your fellow beholders? So how about serving my sovereign?” Slade asked.

“I care. The smart ones have escaped by now. Only fools remain.” it chuckled deprecatingly.

The beholders lowered their gaze in sadness.

The senior beholder rolled on its back, unable to see the sky.

“I am not a pawn, but I was born in a Dungeon. I can tell you from firsthand experience that nothing is crueler than enslaving the mind. Robbed of choices and freedom, rejecting your own self, suffering to the whims of another… There’s no point to such life,” it said.

Slade nodded, as he felt distressed when he realized he was bound to Violet’s orders. She turned out to be a lax mistress, much to his relief.

“My goal was to protect and nurture the mind of my brethren… This cannot happen if a tyrannical sovereign used them as mindless tools,” it said, tapping its head with a tentacle.

“I understand… But I still have to kill you since you might hurt my sovereign,” Slade said.

“Hmm, right? I was prepared to die for the kids’ freedom. But I couldn’t even trade my life for your sovereign,” the Evil Eye shrugged.

It had underestimated Violet’s abilities and lost.

The beholders lost a beat because they chose Dimension Door instead of shooting down the harpies. Nobody could predict that she would summon such a large and powerful golem.

It was really a tight fight… Can I really let them surrender without it biting my ass later?

The gnolls ended up betraying the party halfway… But maybe things would have turned differently if Shaki had stayed close to the matriarch instead of running straight to help Milia.

There was no guarantee that they wouldn’t turn against Slade in the future. Even the Evil Eye recognized it.

Killing them is the only option...

Slade had to muster his courage, and it would be over in an instant.

“How about we serve you instead?” the Evil Eye asked.

“Wha-? No, not me! Serve that cute girl there, instead!” Slade said.

Author Notes

Honk honk!

I wasn't too inspired about what to draw for this chapter. So I tried to study a bit the design of monster waifus. Make sure you check out the chapter 23 gallery or the NSFW Gallery 2.

Thank you for your attention, fav, comments, ratings and reviews!

Special thanks to our subscribers: Xedex, Puck, Eternal_Havoc, LabRunner, JK, GM, TB and MS for generously funding our degeneracy (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ).

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Chapter 23 Gallery

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Chapter 22

In the previous chapter…

Violet missed her second Implosion, destroying the bridge instead of wiping out the beholders.

The monsters were stuck on a crumbling pillar, waiting for the Evil Eye to finish its Dimension Door spell to save them.

Violet’s party safely landed at the bottom of the cave thanks to the harpies.

The pace of the battle had shifted in Violet’s favor, as she started a new decisive spell, one step ahead of the Evil Eye.

The top of the pillar detached, taking the beholders in its fall.

Spreading its tentacles in midair, the Evil Eye cast its spell. The space was torn open, as a gaping rift swallowed the falling beholders along with the rocks.

Spat out from the magical door at the floor, they fell horizontally between heaven and earth.

Finally, gravity pulled the rubbles. The beholders and the rocks crashed into the clay soldiers. They tumbled and rolled on the ground until they slowed down to a stop.


Pieces of the broken pillars landed in the splashing underground river.

The roughened monsters got up on their tentacles and stumbled to gather around the Evil Eye. The rocks that fell with the beholders crushed a few unfortunate ones.

A blinding light erupted near the closing Dimension Door

“O spirit of Earth... Answer my prayer. I call upon your power, Crown!” Violet said.

A ground trembled as a ten-meter rock giant rose in front of Violet. Floating rocks orbited around its head.

“Slade… I leave the rest to you,” she said as she sunk into Lorely’s arms.

Wait, how do I reach that golem? he thought as he perked up on her head.

“Don’t get cold feet,” Lorely said.

She grabbed the slime and threw him upwards.

“Slade, goooooo!” Milia called his name for the first time, having forgotten it until now.

“Avenge my troglodytes!” Shaki shouted, supporting the minotaur.

“I’ll protect Violet, so don’t worry about us!” Lorely said.

“Ughhh…” Metiva groaned as she was lying on the ground. The surviving gnolls fanned fresh air for the fainting matriarch.

A harpy pawn snatched him mid-air and dunked him into the nape of the crowned golem.

Woooooh! He fell into a hole, reaching deep inside the elemental.

[Symbiosis activated.]

The world around Slade blackened when a stone plate sealed the golem’s nape. As his body spread thin throughout the golem’s network, he fell deep in thoughts.

Together with the girls, they went through pain and tears to survive. Though he didn’t get along with them, he felt grateful for their help and guilty for everything that went awry.

It’s finally my turn to protect them!

Violet risked her life on the battlefield, and he carried everyone’s life on his shoulders.

Don’t fuck this up!

“Huoooooooooh!” the giant shouted as Slade steeled himself.

He dashed towards the shocked beholders, trampling the clay soldiers.

The disintegration rays bounced off his massive body, lightly scraping its surface.

I’d take more damage from turning on and off a flashlight into my eyes! Slade thought.

He smashed into the crowd of enemies, sending them flying.

This is for ruining a cool tomb!

The golem grabbed a mature beholder, stopping its spell casting. His rock fingers tightened on the struggling monster.

This is for trapping the gnolls!

Spinal bones cracked loudly and its screaming ended in an explosion of blood as it popped inside the golem’s hand. A shiver of disgust swept Slade.

Angry beholders focused fire on the golem’s face, irritating Slade.

This is for hurting the monster waifus!

Slade then threw the compressed carcass into shooting beholders. He stubbornly hammered them with his blood-soaked fists until only minced meat was left.

Spatial rifts opened around him. The older beholders sneakily finished their spells while Slade focused on the crowd of shooters.

The mistake instantly cooled his mind because large tentacles slithered out of the rifts to grapple the golem.

He yanked one of them, tearing it. The phantasmal limb faded away as its caster screamed in pain.

However, six other tentacles appeared, completely rooting him in place.

Damn, I’m trapped! Slade thought. Pulling the tentacles had no effect.

Friend? a voice resounded in Slade’s mind.

What?! His senses focused on the golem’s insides.

He noticed a warm light near his true body.

Author Notes

Honk honk,

I forgot the damn notes!

Don't worry, I'm not going to linger any longer on the fight, it ends next chapter.

Thank you for your attention, fav, comments, ratings and reviews!

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Gallery Chapter 22

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Chapter 21

In the previous chapter… Violet, Lorely and sixteen harpies joined the battlefield! To end the battle, Violet prepared another Implosion, but her forces were dying quickly...

“It’s been almost an hour! Is it finished yet?!” Milia asked in the back-line.

“48 seconds actually,” Shaki said, blocking rays alongside the gnolls.

“Don’t pressure Violet, idiots!” Lorely said.

The gnoll witch completed sigils for Violet. They worked together to complete the implosion spell faster. They hoped to decrease the casualties, ending the battle before a gnoll-born or a rook died.

On the other hand, they were doomed if the spell failed.

The party’s tension was still at its peak as rays gruesomely drilled into the defending pawns. Suddenly, a shot slipped past the wall of harpies and gnoll, flying straight at Violet.

“Ouch,” Lorely said.

She had swatted the ray with her backhand. The weakened translucent barrier wrapping her hand broke, resulting in the ray gouging her hand. A spurt of blood landed on Violet’s face.


Violet lost her focus, releasing the spell.

A blinding light appeared at the base of the ruined gate, already destroyed by the earlier attack.

The stone bricks disappeared along the light, leaving an empty sphere of space.

Sliding forward, the ground shook and gave out under their feet.

Milia expected to be pulled forward by the Implosion again. Instead, the moving ground tripped her, throwing her on her butt.

“What’sgoingon?! Oooooh, the bridge’s fucked!” Milia screamed quickly.

The extremities of the bridge tore away from the wall and palace, pulled together by implosion.

Grinding on its support, the bridge slid in a frightening rumble. The pillars sheared and bent towards the center, crashing together at the middle.

The gnolls leaned on each other to keep their balance. Lorely held Violet. Shaki’s tri-segment legs and tail kept her in good posture.

“I missed my spell, sorry,” Violet said, drenched in sweat.

Delicious sweat~! Slade thought as he absorbed Violet’s mana by licking her skin.

[Mana pool reached safe levels. Skill restrictions lifted.]

The mere act of cuddling the warlock filled his mana pool faster than hours of sexual activity with Milia.


A web of fissure swept through the ground. The bridge sunk at its extremities.

“Woah!!” Milia yelled as she sprawled on the ground.

The gnoll corpses slid off, painting a red trail on the tilting bridge.

“It’s breaking! Grab the harpies and jump off the bridge!” Lorely shouted.

There were around 8 harpies left and 4 gnollborns (including Metiva) alive.

“A-are you sure about- whoaaa!” a gnoll screamed.

Talons suddenly grabbed his hand.

Soon enough the bridge fell on the underground river flowing at the bottom. A harpy caught each gnoll and safely glided away from the crumbling bridge.

Unlike Lorely, the harpies lacked the strength to carry the gnoll up. Instead, they glided down on a predictable path.

Thankfully, the beholders stopped shooting as they left the collapsing bridge. So, they couldn’t kill the loaded harpies during their descent.

They could have shot down the party. But they still hoped to win without sacrifice.

The monsters evacuated on the central pillar supporting the bridge, holding on a precarious equilibrium.

The Evil Eye prepared a new spell to save its brethren. Its fellow beholders assisted the sigil drawing to cast it faster.

“The battle is still going on! They are casting Dimension Door!” Violet said.

A large magic circle appeared underneath the section of bridge where the beholders were. That portal would save the beholders from their deadly fall.

“He can’t possibly escape this place on such a short notice,” Metiva said.

They scanned the floor as they flew near the walls of the cave.

“There! The dimension door is opening at the bottom of the cave!” Milia shouted. She pointed at a glowing point hovering above the clay soldiers.

The budding light shone at the bottom of the cave against a wall. Magic circles slowly appeared around the light. The beholders planned to jump from that exit portal, far from the collapsing rocks.

Landing near that Dimension Door exit, the gnolls sighed in relief as the harpies’ talons released them.

“What will happen if they survive the fall? Are you going to cast another implosion as soon as they exit?” Metiva asked.

“Implosion worked on the bridge because it was narrow, stopping them from spreading. True, it is the best offensive spell from the Earth Magic school, but more of a single-target attack than-” Violet said.

“Oh, we need fodder!” Milia interrupted.

“That’s right. Can someone help me weave a spell?” Violet asked.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve used Convergence, but I’ll do my best,” Lorely said.

“I could, but I don’t have any mana left,” Metiva said.

“It’s okay, you only need to stabilize the sigils,” Violet said.

The three women stood shoulder to shoulder reading the spell book.

“Wait, do you really have enough mana?” Metiva asked.

“No problem,” Violet said.

Pebbles and dust shook from the mighty power that Violet manifested. Clothes and capes flapped.

“What do you mean ‘I only need to stabilize’?!” Metiva screamed, struggling to move Violet’s sigils.

The power and the weight behind the sigils was unfamiliar to Metiva.

The intensity of a spell weaved by multiple casters was normally determined by the strongest contributor.

But the skill “Beholder’s Convergence” broke that rule, allowing its user to contribute their spellpower.

Author Notes

I hear very terrible news everytime I look up at news channels. I hope you are safe, wherever you are!

Thank you for your attention, fav, comments, ratings and reviews!

Special thanks to our subscribers: Xedex, Puck, Eternal_Havoc, LabRunner and JK for generously funding our degeneracy (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ).

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PS: I stop sharing the chapter galleries because I'm worried that it clutters your mail or page for no reason. I have no freaking idea how it appears on your side. Tell me if you want them back.

PS2: I've updated the glossary if you are interested.

PS3: Next chapter is shorter than usual :(

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Chapter 21 Gallery

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Chapter 20

rev 05-11-21

In the previous chapter… The beholders cut off Slade’s escape at the Palace’s bridge. The battle went overwhelming in their favor, until a spell struck the bridge’s gate.

A silhouette glided from the ceiling, underneath the well of light. A harpy and a warlock were knit in an embrace.

Lorely held the purple warbanner, while Violet held a grimoire.

Slade longingly gazed at the gallant figure of his Sovereign. He had never felt so happy seeing someone.

Sixteen harpies swooped down from above. Unlike the harpy hag, their arm was fused with their wings. They dove into the flanking beholders, mauling them with talons.

“We’re saved!!” the gnoll-borns cheered.

The beholders kept pouring in the cave. They shot at the flying harpies, but their attacks wouldn’t connect because of the great distance.

Helped by the warbanner, the winged pawns tapped into Lorely’s skills to dance in the air. They dodged the rays effortlessly, mocking the enemies.

A volley of rays aimed at Violet.

Lorely threw the warbanner in the air, freeing a hand.

Her arm swung as the rays struck them. Her movements were so fast, her limb blurred.


“Ksshhhh? (What the fuck? She parried all our shots!)” the beholders yelled.

A bluish translucent barrier flickered on top of Lorely’s backhand. Cracked, it emanated blue wisps and a plume of smoke.

She had just swatted the attacks with extreme accuracy.

“C-can we go home, now?” Lorely asked.

She snatched the warbanner hanging from the talons of a passing harpy.

“Not yet, we have to rescue our comrades,” Violet said.

Boom! Boom!

Rocks fell as the disintegration rays struck the background as the harpies effortlessly dodged.

“What a waste of power for such a coward,” Milia muttered.

Oh shit, maybe I should have let Milia level up… Slade thought.

Violet landed in the middle of the gnoll’s defensive circle.

“Please! Can you help me heal my friend?” Metiva asked, holding Ranna’s head in her laps.

“Uuuh… Sorry, I can’t cast anything but Earth Magic,” Violet said.

“Oh no... I only know haste,” Lorely said.

Cure is just a low level water magic, can’t you make an effort? she swallowed her thoughts.

Metiva fiddled with the floating teleportation sigils to cast Cure on the fallen Ranna. Tears welled up; she wouldn’t make it in time to save her.

“Do you think you deserve help after betraying us?” Shaki asked.

She approached, supporting Milia on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” Metiva said, lowering her teary eyes.

“For now, let’s cooperate together,” Violet said.

The gnolls nodded.

“The reinforcements are here… Ranna, please stay with me,” Metiva said.

“Metiva, don’t cry. I will watch ov-” Ranna muttered.

“Grannyyyyy! You’re awesooooooome! So pretty! You tied your hair in a ponytail!” Milia interrupted.

Violet was flustered. She staged her cool entrance to win the heart of her rebellious minotaur. She cast her spell when she noticed that the gnolls and her rooks had an internal conflict.

It was a success. Even Lorely wiggled in pride for Violet, as Milia kept showering her with praises.

“Hmpf! Don’t worry, they’re just small fry,” she said with a smug smile appealing to Milia.

Bruh, didn’t Milia hate Violet? How quick does she change her mind? Slade thought.

The beholders continued to gather around the collapsed gate, helping the Evil Eye up.

“How did you know about our situation?!” Shaki asked.

“I told you I’d check with View Earth. You weren’t moving for days, so I built a harpy loft and summoned them with your rewards,” Violet said.

“But you’re risking your life for our sake?!” Milia asked.

“Of course, I’ll save you. But Lorely was mad at me, so I waited until Monday to summon another batch. Where is Slade by the way?” Violet asked.

The slime left Milia’s head to jump onto Violet’s chest.

Hi honey~! he thought.

“Oh, there you are, good boy!” she said.

[Mana transfer activated.]

What the fuck?! Not here, please!

The panicking slime absorbed the warlock’s sweat.

Wait… Could it be that the skill…

[Mana transfer: Exchange mana. The rate of transfer is based on the target’s mana pool and the freshness of the fluids.]

So it was just fluid after all! He stared at the well of light with dead eyes.

“So, what’s the plan?” Lorely asked, tense from exposing her sovereign to the dangers of battle.

Sixteen harpies wouldn’t change much against the countless beholders.

Shaki glanced at the palace behind her back.

“They collapsed the palace’s entrance while shooting at the harpies,” she said.

Retreating inside was no longer an option.

“Surrender or I implode your Pillar!” Violet shouted.

“Proposal… Rejected. Mutual destruction assured,” the Evil Eye calculated.

Violet needed to be static to draw the sigils. Her current forces could only buy enough time for a single implosion. A second implosion would require sacrificing the gnolls and a couple of rooks.

Retreat would be inevitable, but the beholders would drown the ceiling’s hole with disintegration rays during Violet’s passage.

In conclusion, she would checkmate herself by using Implosion on the Pillar of Eyes.

She fumbled, flipping the floating grimoire open to the Implosion page.

“There’s no other way, I’ll throw another Implosion at them,” she said.

“Younglings retreat. Eliminate priority target.” The Evil Eye said.

The older beholders adorning a developed spinal tentacle focused their fire at Violet, while the smaller ones left the cave.

Shaki left Milia to a harpy and reached for the buckler artifact.

“It’s still sizzling!” she said, settling for a wooden shield.

“Brothers,” Metiva said.

“Seems like we have one last job,” the gnolls warriors said to his four rermaining companions.

They nodded, planting their feet in front of the group. They received the disintegration rays, covering Violet with their body and shield.

The rays entirely focused towards the warlock.


A gnollborn agonized as the rays of light pierced his shield and bore countless holes into his body; three gnoll warriors left.

The harpies landed in a line between the beholders and Violet. They closed their wings in a defensive position, awaiting their death.

Those pawns are freaking fearless, man! Slade thought.

An impressive column of rays was entirely directed at Violet.

She had spent a lot of concentration to cast the initial Implosion, and had to fight against her sluggishness.

Violet’s hand trembled. Screams from pawns and gnolls filled her with anxiety. Who was going to fall first? Her meat shields or the beholders?

“I’ll help!” Metiva said as she read Violet’s spellbook.

Author Notes

AAARGH sorry for the delay. I didn't have time to finish the drawings yesterday.

Thank you for your attention, fav, comments, ratings and reviews!

Special thanks to our subscribers: Xedex, Puck, Eternal_Havoc and LabRunner for generously funding our degeneracy (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ).

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Chapter 20 Gallery

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Chapter 19

In the previous chapter… The beholders ambushed the party, blocking both ends of the bridge. The Evil Eye used its ultimate attack to stop Milia’s breakthrough. Her shield reached its limits, and she was about to take the full brunt of the attack… But Shaki jumped in.

Shaki jumped into the burning light beam, dragging the pawn with her hand.

She threw Broglodyte in front.

“Die for me!” she yelled.

HUH?! Slade thought.

The mindless pawn extended his arms, welcoming the purifying beam of light.

He became an unbreakable shield thanks to Shaki’s faction skill “Troglodyte Meatshield”.

But the pawn paid the price with his entire life force, burning out in a single breath.

BROGLODYTE!!! Slade screamed in his mind.

The scaly friend looked back as he burnt. Finally, he understood the slime’s gesture. His shaking hand returned the thumb up, before vanishing into dust.

Slade blanked out.


The flooding light disappeared along with Broglodyte.

“KSHIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” the Evil Eye screamed. Its rib-like supports crumbled. It collapsed, plumes of smoke wafting out from its body.

Milia fell on a knee, plumes of smoke rising from her arm. She had reverted to her human form, unable to fight any longer.

“We’re... alive?” Milia panted.

“We’re alive!” Shaki hugged her.

The gnolls cheered.

The minotaur’s scalded arm was regenerating thanks to Slade’s skills.

[Mana pool has reached critical levels. Remaining time left: 1 hour. Power-saving mode activated.]

Thank god, I don’t auto-suicide by healing allies… Slade thought.

“Thanks, buddy!” Milia patted Slade, who sat on her head.

A gnoll tried to pick up the Gnoll King’s Buckler, but his hand recoiled from its searing temperature.

“It’s too early to be happy! The Evil Eye pushed us back! We’re back at square one!” Ranna shouted.

More beholders gathered at the opposite end of the bridge. They came from all over the mine.

The outcome for the gnolls was grim. They were down from twenty-five members to only ten survivors. Terror took over the party’s euphoria, as they couldn’t make another push with their current number. Their goal only drifted further away from reach.

The tired beholders hanging from the side of the bridge retreated, substituted by fresh enemies.

However, those blocking the palace could not receive help. The battle clearly wore them down. Indeed, they shot rays sparingly, looking out for openings or stopping the gnolls’ movements.

This left a faint glimmer of hope in Milia. She picked up a wooden buckler from a dead corpse.

“I’ll open a way to the palace when my Avalanche charge is ready,” she said.

The beholders reinforcements climbed up the gate and shot a barrage of disintegration rays.

“We’ll die before then!” a warrior said.

The ten gnoll-borns huddled together, forming a circle of shield. They dropped one after another.

Helplessness crushed their spirit, as they could do nothing in front of impending death.

“We’re out of options…” the gnoll Matriarch said.

Defeat. The gnolls closed their eyes in resignation.

It was a painful, but realistic call for the Matriarch.

“I have enough mana to teleport a single person beyond the gate to run away. How about you, Troglodyte? since I ‘owe you my life’,” Metiva said.

She started drawing the sigils, her finger fluttering in the air.

“Is that a joke? I’m not leaving-” Shaki said.

“We surrender!!” A gnoll-born threw his weapons.

He ran towards the Evil Eye. A few steps later, he fell flat as a ray of light gouged his leg.

“Stay close!” Ranna shouted.

However, the unrelenting gnoll crawled away from the group.

“Spare us! It’s her fault! She struck the Pillar of Eye!” He pointed at Milia.

The party threw uneasy glances at each other.

“They forced us to be their meat shield!” he screamed.

“Shaaaaaa!” The Evil Eye shouted, stopping the beholder’s onslaught.

Silence fell. The gnolls gulped, their fate suspended in limbo.

“Sparing livestock condition: Eliminate the intruders,” the Evil Eye said.

“For real?!” Milia said.

“I fucking knew it.” Shaki turned around, thrusting her spear at Metiva’s throat.

She needed to take control of the hostage.

“Wait!” Metiva said.

However, her body guard deflected the flint tip and retaliated.

His flail struck Shaki’s cheek sideways, knocking her back. She spat blood and fangs from the impact.

Ranna lunged towards Milia.

“Huaaaa!” she roared.

They flailed at each other. Ranna kept track of the Gnoll King’s Flail as it was terrifying in Milia’s hands. It was only thanks to her superior expertise with flails that she could keep up with the minotaur’s overwhelming strength.

“Help me!” the gnoll called her hesitating brethren.

Fuck! I have to do something! Move! Slade pleaded.

The unmoving slime stuck on Milia’s hair, out of energy.

He didn’t expect this turn of events. Increasing the party’s size should have helped, like turtle hatchlings rushing to the sea in packs. However, the enemies caught them at a choke point before the gnolls could have spread.


Seeing the troglodyte getting pummeled, Milia bashed through flanking gnolls. She rushed at her aid.

The Dungeon rooks backed away from the surrounding gnolls, walking to the edge of the bridge.

“We’ve already lost. If we’re all going to die, you might as well surrender for our sake!” Ranna said, twirling her flail.

“Hey Matriarch, stop these stupid mutts!” Shaki shouted.

The witch froze. Her eyes swam in panic as she clutched the war banner.

“F-for the sake of my family, please die!” she said.

“Should have fucking killed you…” Shaki muttered.

“I didn’t want it this way, so don’t take it personally!” The gnoll warrior led the charge, driving them closer to the end.

A warrior carelessly tried to push Milia’s buckler.

She deflected him, and Shaki pushed him out of the bridge with a strike of her spear.

“Aaaaah!” he screamed as he fell to his death.

“Don’t underestimate the Minotaur!” Ranna said.

They cautiously closed on the pair of women. The noose was tightening around Milia and Shaki’s necks.

“I can’t die yet!” Milia roared.

She pushed forward, shoving Ranna on the ground. The gnolls lunged towards her, many flails flew towards her.

Gritting her teeth, the minotaur braced for impacts.

She recalled the brief moments of happiness she shared with Shaki.

Please, let me protect her, Milia prayed.


The spiked balls bounced on Milia’s skin as if it was made of steel. A bluish translucent membrane flickered on her body.

Milia’s amber hair had turned dark blue.

“What’s going on?!” Shaki asked.

[Corruption activated. Skill: Minotaur’s Avalanche transformed into Minotaur’s Walk of Peace.]

What’s that?!

[Walk of Peace: Significantly increases poise and defense at the expense of speed. The user cannot run or perform a strike.]

Why?! Slade wondered, confused.

The minotaur’s skill turned from a fierce charge to a tame walk. Corruption had reversed values and nature.

“Don’t be afraid!” Ranna said, siccing the gnolls on her.

Bruises and blood appeared all over Milia’s body, but she didn’t budge.

Shaki stood behind Milia, stabbing the gnolls away as safely as she could.


The minotaur grabbed a young gnoll’s buckler and lifted him.

“Wha- wait wait wait aaaAAAAAAAH!” he screamed.

She walked away and let him go over the edge.

Unable to save their brother, the gnolls stepped back in fear and respect to Milia’s strength.

The minotaur moved towards Metiva.

“S-stop her!” the witch shouted.

Milia didn’t mind the strikes of flail. She walked unwavering.

The Evil Eye recovered from the recoil of his previous spell.

“Entertainment insufficient.”

It commanded the beholders to resume the attack.

“Stop fighting, stop fighting!” Metiva yelled.

The gnolls gave up on the rooks and ran back to protect the Matriarch.

Milia hugged Shaki, stopping the disintegration rays with her bare back.

A witch fell on her knees at Metiva’s side. The back of her head pierced by the flanking beholders.

It was almost Metiva’s turn, who held the warbanner.

“Ranna!” she screamed in terror.

The female warrior jumped, covering Metiva with a shield. She fell to her knees, her guts spilling out.

The Matriarch held her friend in an embrace, as corpses piled up around.

[Corrupted mana exhausted. Skill: Peace of Walk reverted to Avalanche.]

Milia’s hair turned back from dark blue to its auburn color.

“Ack!” she yelped as the rays gouged her back.

“Milia! Stop covering me,” Shaki pleaded.

“Fuck… If only I was a better leader,” Milia muttered.

The two women were stuck between the countless beholders and the traitor gnolls.

Slade jolted, woken up by a familiar sensation.

What is it?! His body throbbed, riddled with goosebumps.

A chilling silence spread throughout the cave. The beholders stopped firing and stared at the ceiling.

The winds whispered a single word. The faint sound was barely audible, yet it echoed throughout the cave, sinking into the mind of every witness.

The dumbfounded gnolls saw the beholders, madly waving their tentacles.

The crowd led by the Evil Eye ran away, some of them plummeting into the chasm by accident.

A seed of light erupted at the gate, carving a spheric void into the stone.

It vanished as quickly as it appeared.

A maelstrom of blood and screams devoured the creatures. They latched onto the pavement, trying to withstand the impact. Instead, their flesh tore and disappeared into a red bead.

The gnolls stumbled towards the Implosion.

Finally, the compressed bead exploded in a macabre cloud of blood.

The Evil Eye blinked in disbelief.

Its family died.

“SKRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” it let out a wail of sorrow, trashing severed tentacles.

The gnolls stared in awe at the ceiling.

Author Notes

Honk honk, dear protagonists!

AAAAAHH Broglodyte died for our sins!

Hope you enjoyed the longer chapter.

Thank you for your attention, fav, comments, ratings and reviews!

Special thanks to our subscribers: Xedex, Puck and Eternal_Havoc for generously funding our degeneracy (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ).

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Chapter 19 Gallery

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I will get a live2D software to make uncensored gif animation.


The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Creator's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
  • Support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.

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