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Oculus Malus Games
I’m an adult game maker and writer with strong themes of futa, harems, pregnancy, romance, and all female cast. If any of those are up your alley check out my games.
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Oculus Malus Games
Non Monstrum: Built with RPG Maker MV

Description: In the world of Ealia, the changing winds blow through the continents of a fallen empire, bringing forth a great power shift to a dying land. Etrus, a land where monsters roam, killing, raping and pillaging. Luckily a great group of warriors, called the Hero’s Guild, are battling against the monsters as well as the forces of evil. But now these winds of change swirl around a single hero, a hero who will soon die but bring forth the carriers of the winds in Etrus. How will the wind blow? Will Etrus survive the gales? Play as a carrier of the wind, the hero transformed: Lily the slimegirl.

Latest Public Version:!Z8hCWCBD!E_KMXkZgX4NA4Ild9llgGg
Current Progress: Chapter 1 is done! Chapter 2 in development

Or if you want to chase me up, come over to my Discord channel or my Twitter!

If you prefer Patreon, here a link to my Patreon Page.

Current Fetishes: Lesbian, Futa, Oral, Anal, Inflation, Monstergirls, Lactation, Huge Cocks, Happy Sex, Unbirth(slime based), Slime Tentacles
Planned Fetishes: Pregnancy, Birth, Genderbending, Polyamorous Relationships.
Warning: There is some Non Consensual Sex in the prologue for story reason, but otherwise, the rest is all consensual

V0.05.16 Some final sex for C1

- Added in two sex scenes. One for Sophia and one for Grace. Need to have completed their final date to see.
- Added CG for Quinn Pen Scene. The repeatable where Quinn gets Penned.

Sex scene: All sex scenes will be written by me and are now slowly getting art. Support me to get art faster! Usually more art in the current Patreon or SubscribeStar version.


  • Access to games exploring the massive adult fantasy world I created called Ealia. Join me and watch the world grow.
  • Meet good, bad or neutral characters and bed many of them.
  • Get Early access to the current game Non Monstrum, where you play as slimegirl

Recent posts

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Oculus Malus Games
Dev #Hmmm, high number

I will get to the bottom line. I might need more time to finish this update. Yeah being sick really eats up your time, so I might need some more time to finish the next version. Just a heads up.

More sad news, which I hate to say but chapter 2 will come out next month. I just don't have the time this month to finish everything. I am already stressed out enough with what I have.

So this update will be just a rework of the combat system of chapter 1. Hopefully this will be the final one. Currently I have done all of Lily's new skills, as well as Quinn's and Scribe's. All I got left is do the magic skills and the skills for the enemies. Then I got to rebuild their classes, which hopefully won't take long once the magic skills are done. Then it is just a matter of rebuilding and balancing the enemies.

Hopefully all this will make the combat system more enjoyable, or at less annoying. There should be noticeable difference between the combat of the previous version and the last one since basically everything was rebuilt. 

There will now be noticeable between levelling up. For example, Lily attack from level one to ten: At one it is 20 and at ten it is 123. Which is a huge jump compared to before, I believe.

A new game hopefully will not be required, but might be wise considering all the new stuff added. I will be working hard to make sure saves can be savaged.

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Oculus Malus Games
Dev Post: Kill Me...
In case you all want to know what I am doing, I am still copying across all the new equipment that will be in revamped combat system of the new game.

Since the current plan is to make the combat system easier to balance, and also make levels mean something since at the moment one level is only a slight improvement of the last.

Stats would only jump up by a few, now I will make them jump up by the tens. Also level locking equipment, reworking states and skill. Just pray that I can get it all done by the end of the month. 

If not, fear not! There will be another art update! This time giving her first unbirth and sex scene. Also all the new equipment will be game for you to look at. At this time they might seem a bit extreme, but that is because the new classes will only be added in chapter 2, since I need to re-balance chapter 1.

Also since I reorganised the weapons, all your old gear will be messed up. But don't worry, I will be adding in a system in the market that will fix it all. 

Otherwise the plan is to get all this stuff done before the 20th and then I will try and get all the writing done. If all the writing is done, there might not be an art update since all the testing and putting it together might take all the time, but I will try and get both.

Thanks for all the support, look forward to the future.

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Oculus Malus Games
New Art!
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Oculus Malus Games
Patron Release V0.05.12
 Changes -
- CG and Busts from to when you enter Zhuvine to the dinner with Ava
- CG for repeatable scene anal doggy-style and eat out scene
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Oculus Malus Games
New Class: ????
While I can't say what the class name is I can tell you about it.

This new class will be a glass cannon. High damage in both magic and attack but low defence and luck.

Luckily she will have the unique equipment called shield swords. A sword that gives both attack and defense, though slows you down a lot. She also wears a mana glove but sadly wears light armour

Expect this fighter to do a lot of damage and but also take a lot too. Her abilities will focus on a lot on survivability. I hope you enjoy her since she was a long time coming

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Oculus Malus Games
Dev #? Progress
The current plan is I hope to get all the classes and battle stuff done this month and next month get all the writing and scripting done.

Also there will be an update this month, just with some art I have backed up around here.

Progress is going well, all the classes I need are done, just need to get some skills built for them. The battles will be done soon I hope, before the skills though since I need to make sure my class balancing ideas will work.

Thanks your continued support, hope you enjoy the coming art update.
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Oculus Malus Games
New Incoming Class: Slime Brawler

Three new companion will be a part of the first release of Chapter 2, let's talk about one.
Like Lily she will be made of slime so resistant to normal melee or ranged attack, but very weak to fire and ice.
Even despite that resistance she will have a pretty high max defence, max M defence and max attack as well as a lot of attack, making her a great front line fighter. 
Sadly she has no ranged attack and while have trouble dealing with range users, like mages and archers. She also can't wear normal armour or normal weapons, using a very odd type of equipment called shards. 
Bits of metal that she absorbs into her membrane to make her tougher or hit harder. Shards can't be found in stores, they have to found in the field in places like battlefields, mines or places metal is worked.
Despite this she will be one of the bigger kickers of arse in the group. Able to buff herself to be stronger or tougher. She will no doubt be a favourite member of your team, if her methods will be a bit extreme.

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