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Studio Kuma
Studio Kuma
We are creating a fantasy that you deserved to have for so long, yet no one else are capable of delivering it, so we decided to take the flag and offer it to ya.
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Thank you!

A Huge Thank you from the team!!!!!!

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Roman Citizens
  1. Access to Latest version uplon release.
  2. Access to Monthly Posters
  3. Access to Polls Our very best gratitutes!
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  1. Access to Beta (3 days in advance)
  2. Access to Previews + Teasers.
  3. Access to Walkthroughs
  4. Access to Monthly Posters Our very best gratitudes!
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  1. Everything you get from Quaestor plus
  2. Access to Art draft updates.
  3. Access to Digital Soundtrack.
  4. Name in Credit (PM me the name you prefer) Our very best gratitudes!
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Everything you get from Praetor plus: 1. Access to Alpha (7 days in advance) 2. Access to Exclusive discord channel with the team. 3. Access to Director's Edition (Includes some exclusive cut scenes) 4. Access to music update. 5. Access to plot update. 6. Access to Sound + Voice update. The updates will be given in discord channel. Our very best gratitudes!

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