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VR Funnyman & host of The MangShow on Tower Unite. :)
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Welcome back pals :)

BIG changes to the show. Interactive improv sets, random people join in around a goofy premise and we have a blast together. Streaming now, DLive for hosting, = Stream. After the improv we have interviews, where me and someone else (or more) have a conversation about whatever interests them. Whatever! It's all good :)))

Last show was a prototype run, to see if the format works. Short Answer: It does, though streaming and recording causes my machine to chug. DLive is silly about uploading videos, probably to keep the bad stuff from cluttering things up, so don't expect slickly edited vids yet. Do expect some highlight reels in the future, in glorious 720p @ 5 fps. But the audio works! YEah!

The show always works best with coordination, which means it's OPEN FOR CO-HOSTS. Want to be a part of comedy history? I'm serious. No one else is attempting this, at least not at this level. And if they are I guarantee it's weak stuff, like jokes about DNA or funny hats or weed or whatever. We're doing virtual Duke Nukem conventions run by a deranged cult leader. Case... Busted!

So HMU on TWITTER: and we'll put something together. I've got ideas, you've got ideas, put em together and boom, Next Level Gaming. B)


PS oh yeah, show starts 8pm Tuesdays


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podcast set :)

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hello i make with the funny

Get Tower Unite off Steam for like $15 (breakfast 4 two ppl) & "Log In" to one of my Safe, Secure, Clean Condos at the appointed times (fresh sheets & linens provided):

PODCAST: Tuesdays @ 9pm EST, Mangcho's MangShow Studio

STANDUP: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays @ 10pm EST (AFTER THE PODCAST), Mangcho's Comedy Condo

VR not required. Afterparty after the show. Remember to push talk so I know when the jokes are landing, or use a keyboard for XDs and Hahahas if you' still like pounding plastic keys with your gross, smelly human fingers. Gross! Dude!

Are you funny and/or interesting? HMU and we'll do an interview on the MangShow.

I wanna keep my stuff 100% ad-free. No demon-worshipping YouTube overseers, no toxic Twitter algorithms, trolling my accounts for the Latest and Hottest Bad Faith Words. Just pure funny garbolach (yiddish for garbo). :)))

Subscribing keeps the comedy fresh, the coffee salty. Just a minimum of 3.99 a month and you're keeping a supa boi in da funny bsns! ""Thats-a ma boy!" --A Dad

Add me on Steam:

Twitter: @real_mactonight

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