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Are you looking for hot Bimbofication Fiction? This is where you'll find it! Weekly updates to the hottest stories 😄
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  • Hi, I’m Liz BlackX, and I welcome you to my world of Bimbo fantasies! What would the world look like if women didn’t think as much? Or rather, if they thought about the essential things in life: how to please a man (or woman :p)? Join my dreamy group of lovers and check out my stories to find the hottest Bimbofication Tales. Join my Dreamy Group of Lovers for… Weekly updates Early access to Bimbofication novellas A chance to vote for your favourite characters and storylines Custom stories with your characters in mind Sign up now for your escape of reality. The world may be going crazy, but over here the women are beautiful, big-breasted, and they want to fulfil all your wishes…

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Liz BlackX
Public post

Making Leida a Better Wife - Part 1

Bimbofication Story

Content Warning: This story contains themes of modification. No characters were harmed during the recording of this tale.

Leida is looking to save her marriage to Robin. Master Viktor promises her a one-time solution for all her problems. Leida happily accepts.
After the treatment, she only has one goal: pleasing her husband. But if everyone is as happy with this arrangement...

Making Leida a Better Wife - Part 1

Was it a wise decision to go to someone's house address off of a shady website? Probably not, but Leida was known for taking brass decisions. And there was one driving force guiding her today: saving her marriage. 
She and Robin had been married for seven years, but she felt their bond slipping away. She had tried the usual, but nothing had worked so far. So you could say this was a final resort, visiting the founder of the 'HealMyMarriage' website. But that didn't make it any easier.

Shortly after ringing the doorbell, a woman opened the door. Leida guessed they were roughly the same age. 
"Hello, can I help you?" the woman asked with a big smile. 
"Yes, I have an appointment at eleven?" She hoped she was at the right address.
"Oh right, Leida was it? Come in." The woman opened the door wider and let her in. "I'm CC." 
The two women shook hands. 
"Let me take your coat." 

Leida took it off and handed it to the other woman. 
"If you'd follow me," CC suggested. 
"You have a wonderful house," Leida remarked. Even just the hallway was lavishly decorated with all an elegant design, pictures of women on the walls and a big bouquet of fresh roses. 
"Thank you."

Once upstairs, CC knocked on a door. "Come in." 
CC poked her head around the corner. "Leida is here for you." 
"Send her in." 

CC addressed her visitor with a smile: "Master Victor will see you now. I'll bring you some tea in a minute." 
"Thank you," Leida replied. Had this woman too undergone the treatment the website had suggested? She did seem well-trained.

"Welcome, Leida, how good that you came." They shook hands. Master Victor was a tall man with short dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He had a leadership presence, one of those persons who you expect to take charge in any situation. 
"Please take a seat."

There were two chairs set up at an angle from each other. Leida chose the one closest to the door. 

"So you told me you were struggling in your marriage?" Leida swallowed. That was one way to open a conversation. 

She nodded.
"Yes, that's correct. I love my husband dearly, but we seem to be getting under each other's skin no matter what we do. I really don't want to lose him, so I'm looking for a solution."
Master Victor nodded sympathetically. "First of all, I commend your bravery for coming to me. That must have been difficult." 

Leida nodded again. If only he knew how difficult that had been.
"But now that you've taken this step, we can start working towards the solution. My treatment has helped numerous couples already. It has even saved my marriage."

A knock on the door interrupted him. After receiving permission, CC came in with a tray of glasses and a teapot. She placed it on the small table next to their chairs, smiled politely and left the room. 

"As you can see, she is well-trained and, overall, very happy in our relationship. That's where I would want you to be as well." 
"What is your treatment? I couldn't find any information online." 
He grinned broadly. "Trade secrets, I'm afraid. It's a combination of different factors, really. The treatment is all safe, naturally. Did I show you the testimonials?" He looked around him.

Leida waved her hand. "That's okay, I saw the reviews online, and they were all raving. So, do you think it could help me?"
Victor looked quasi-shocked. "Of course, I think so. As long as the participant is willing, there's no reason why it wouldn't help."

This was probably one of those instances where Leida took decisions too quickly, but it felt good. That woman, CC, looked happy enough and some part of her trusted this 'Master' Victor. And she couldn't bear the thought of losing Robin. 

"Okay, when could this therapy begin?" Leida hoped she didn't have to wait another month. 
"We can do it now if you want."
Leida blinked in surprise. "Really?" 
"I suppose you've seen the price on the website? The total of the procedure is $1233,46."

A blush went over her the woman's cheeks. "Yes, that's all right." She had brought a credit card Robin didn't know she had. She fished it out of her bag and handed it to the therapist. 
"Thank you, let me make that in order now and then we can begin." 
He took her credit card to his computer in the corner of the room, copied the information and returned it to Leida. 
"All right, let's get started."

The door closed behind Leida. She squinted against the bright daylight. What had just happened? Her head felt filled with cotton balls. She thought really hard before one idea popped up: she had to return home. Home - underground, that was what she needed to do. Getting home was all that mattered right now. 

"Leida, where have you been?" Robin asked with a concerned look on his face.
"It's...I...I'll tell you later. I need to lie down for a minute." Leida shuffled to the bedroom and collapsed on the bed. The trip home by underground had been harrowing. She had to think of so many things at once. Right now, she wanted nothing complicated. No obligations - nothing. Just rest.

She dozed off quickly, while her head filled with sluggish dreams. Images of naked bodies flashed before her eyes. 

Leida didn't feel refreshed when she woke up. There was one thought that wouldn't let go: she had to serve her Master.
She got out of bed and went looking for him. She found him in the living room watching television. 
Quickly she knelt before him. "Master, I'm sorry. What can I do for you?" 

Robin blinked a few times and huffed. "What is this? Some kind of prank?" 
Leida's eyes went wide. "Oh no, I would never prank you, Master."
Robin sat up straight. "What's with the whole Master-business?"
Leida bowed her head. "You are my Master, Master. You deserve my servitude."
"Your servitude? Girl, what have you been drinking?" He scratched his chin. 
Leida kept silent. What was she to say?
"Right, I'm willing to go along. What do you have to offer?"
"My body, Master." She turned her hands palm-upward and straightened her arms.
"Okay, Lei, this is weird. Can you, I dunno, make it less weird?"
Leida chewed on her lips as if contemplating a really hard question. "Want me to suck your cock?" she asked, again wide-eyed, but now out of excitement.
"Sure, go ahead." 
"Yay!" She clapped her hands excitedly.

Leida dug forward and undid her Master's belt and pants. Within moments she held what she now thought of as her 'centre of her universe.' She halted and stroked him lovingly with one finger. 
"Master, you are amazing. Thank you." She bent forward and placed a kiss on his dick.  

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