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I'm LazyPlucker (aka LazyPlucker) and I'm a creator of erotic ebooks and images stories with themes of seduction and submission. Please take a look below for more info about my creations, and should you become a subscriber, what you'll receive for your generous support.
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Thanks for popping by my page!

As you've probably seen above my name is LazyPlucker, and I'm a creator of erotic ebooks, images and 'stories without words'*. All support helps keep my creative juices flowing (oo-er!), so if you do choose to generously subscribe to this humble page my appreciation will be huger than two very huge things!

*If you're wondering what my stories without words are, well, they're stories without words ;o) They're picture stories in which, rather than being TOLD the plot, you can allow your own imagination to give names to the characters, who they are, their relationships, why they're in the scenario they're in, their emotions, desires and (ahem!) intentions. Sometimes I may include a brief outline, but mainly you'll be left free to develop the fantasy as you wish.

If you'd like to ask me anything about anything (well, within reason!) please contact me and I'll be delighted to answer your question(s).

Subscription Cycles

After the initial subscription payment, as a new supporter you will be charged again one month later on the anniversary of the day you pledge, and not on the 1st day of every month. So for example, if you were to pledge on the 23rd of a month, for as long as you remain a supporter you will be charged again on the 23rd of each subsequent month rather than the 1st of each subsequent month.

It would also be great if you were to follow me, so I can keep you updated on all things Lazy!
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Subscription Tiers

per month
A LAZY Coffee

I tend to create late into the night, so perhaps you could buy me a coffee to keep me awake! And as a token of my esteem you'll receive:

  • Instant access to my tales of innocence and seduction.
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per month
A LAZY Doughnut

Sometimes in the wee dark hours a nice doughy doughnut helps keep the sugar levels up - and as a huge THANKS you'll receive:

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per month
A LAZY Beer!

I do occasionally suffer a creative blockage, and whereas spinach can't help clear this particular obstruction, a nice beer or two does tend to flush through the productive pipework ;o)

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  • Early access to all my creations
  • Exclusive content for all supporters

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  • Ability to support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
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