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KinkShanks profile
Hey there! I'm a NSFW artist who loves to draw niche fetish art.


  • Subs can vote on polls and send me suggestions anytime
  • Access to WIPs, scraps, and some unreleased pieces like quickies
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$2 of $60
per month
Commission Giveaway If this goal is met I will start a monthly raffle for a free commission for my subscribers.
to reach
the Goal
If this gets reached, I'll start producing a vore based Isekai series where subscribers can vote on what happens in the comic. For those unfamiliar with the term Isekai, it refers to a fantasy genre where a normal person gets sent to a fantasy world. In this series two characters are transported to a monster-infested world where the phrase "you are what you eat" becomes much more literal. They're swiftly taken in by a young mage who offers them the ability to respawn whenever they die. In exchange, they must help the mage hunt down monsters whose flesh can transform anyone who consumes it. Subscribers will be given options to vote on periodically. While sometimes the impact these decisions make will be obvious, other times something as simple as picking a color will have drastic consequences for our unsuspecting protagonists.

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