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I make (usually) longer form animations, with more of a focus on story and context, in Source Filmmaker. Many of my animations are available online and I suggest having a look around for an idea of my content before you decide to pledge, if you still do; welcome aboard. I try to be involved as much as I can with patrons and am happy to answer questions you may have.I strongly suggest patrons who can join my Discord channel so they can receive the latest updates and work as it progresses
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So just a heads up if you are here. I am not updating this until they sort out their service. No updates of any note for a month, no details on what they are planning or what the state of affairs is. Seems to be drifting into scam territory. So until something gets sorted out all stuff will just be going through Patreon solo...

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  • SFM animations, uploaded when they are complete.

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