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I make (usually) longer form animations, with more of a focus on story and context, in Source Filmmaker. Many of my animations are available online and I suggest having a look around for an idea of my content before you decide to pledge, if you still do; welcome aboard. I try to be involved as much as I can with patrons and am happy to answer questions you may have.I strongly suggest patrons who can join my Discord channel so they can receive the latest updates and work as it progresses. If you would prefer an option that allows Paypal consider Pixiv Fanbox (https://www.pixiv.net/fanbox/creator/42145515)
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  • SFM animations, uploaded when they are complete.

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Limited / No contact next couple of weeks

Just a heads up, as stated last month I have to move, and that happens next weekend. However in a  quick suck shit to me my current internet decided to cancel my broadband a week early. Since the cable is being replaced for the new owners this involved pulling up the current cable. So I have do not have real internet for the next week, and wont know when my new place gets connected until Monday.
Sleepover next part is at voice, and at the least with no internet I wont have much to do but animate - I have a new short series idea with Sarah etc I want to start, but I don't have the data or connection speed to really upload.
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Warning for $1 subs at the end of the month!

I have created the $2 tier to replace the $1 legacy version that it replaces. This is important information..
I cannot delete or change the cost / pledge amount of that $1 sub. The only option I have is to delete it.
This is out of my hands it is just the way the site operates. I will be deleting the $1 tier on the 4th of July, which is in ONE WEEK. This may well cancel your ability to see posts. 
I have made this post public: to people who sign up to the $1 tier in the next week be aware it will be deleted, you should use the $2 version of the same name.
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Change to $1 donation tier

So this one is going to suck a bit, sorry.

Short Version
I am going to be upping the $1 tier to $2 starting next month. Site fees take too much of a chunk otherwise.

Long Version

So I have mentioned this in Discord before, and with the death of Patreon it seems like the time to make the change. But it deserves a note as to why I am doing it. Am I just a soulless sellout trying to fleece people for as much as I can? I hope not?
It basically comes down to the way that these sites charge fees. Both SubscribeStar and Gumroad (which I haven't announced yet), and Patreon for that matter, use a price + percentage system for their fees. This means I pay a per transaction amount of a donation.
For these sites that fee is 30c + 3% (3.5% for Gumroad and Patreon) per transaction. These sites also need to be transferred through a payment processor, Payoneer for SS, who take another cut, though theirs is usually flat % and since its one big transaction its not as bad.
The end result is that for a $1 SS subscription I end up with 64c paid out, over a third of it goes in transaction fees.
For a comparison:
$1 = 36c in fees
$5 = 60c in fees
Back when I first made the structure on Patreon it was just a flat fee, and I kept it out of a desire to avoid changing it on people. But this seems like the best chance I am going to get to have a relatively clean slate.

What if I am a $5 or $10 Subscriber?
There is no difference for these tiers. Nothing is changing content wise or schedule wise, this is simply an increase on the $1 tier to $2

You are a money hungry cunt I hate you, fuck you I'm out! (or I can't really afford that sorry)
I fully accept (and expect) that for some people this will be a bridge too far. To those of you who feel this way I thank you for any past subscription and do understand your position. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me? I feel this change has been on deck for a long time though (Patreon changed to this fee structure over a year ago).

The current structure will remain the same until the ~28th of the month. I will make another post to notify everyone and remind them it is happening. If you are done subscribing, I suggest using the opportunity to use website access (kawaiidetective.com) and the link in the Starchive post to  get.

As always thanks for your support,
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Quick Post that is visible to everyone - Welcome and such

So after months of skirting (breaking?) their rules the Patreon morality brigade, sorry Trust and Safety team, suspended my Patreon account. To that end this is now the main site for my content. It should operate and behave very much like the Patreon page did with one difference; there is no need for innuendo on loli / non con posts (although they will still not have a picture tied to them)

The website will continue to be used as the archive for low tier supporters, the majority of stuff is over there and there is a recent post here detailing how to get the password (though next month I may just make it plain text since I dont need to skirt Patreon anymore).
If you have any issues working with this site let me know, I will try and solve it as best I can.
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So just a heads up if you are here. I am not updating this until they sort out their service. No updates of any note for a month, no details on what they are planning or what the state of affairs is. Seems to be drifting into scam territory. So until something gets sorted out all stuff will just be going through Patreon solo...https://www.patreon.com/kawaiidetectiveenthusiast

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