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JonathanOrlov profile
is creating NSFW, Soft Erotica and Hanging Fetish 3D Artworks
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*Work in Progress* Please, do not subscribe.
Hello Folks!

My name is Jonathan, I'm a High School graduate and I live in Poland.

I'm a 3D artist who creates NSFW art mostly related to hanging fetish and soft erotica. You can find my free artworks on my DeviantArt page.

Disclaimer: My artworks are pure fiction and fantasy. Names of characters, places, locations, institutions and events are fully fictional and a creation of my imagination. None of my works is aimed at spreading hatred, violence or crime. Do not try this at home.
If you are a minor or you do not like the content of this page, just leave it at once.


  • Specially designed Parallel Universe where hanging fetish is fully legal and very popular
  • Each unique story is available in the form of an Episode
  • Annually: Seven SubscribeStar-only Episodes + Three Free Episodes published on DeviantArt

Recent posts

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Public post

*WIP* Introduction into my Hanging Parallel Universe.

Hanging Parallel Universe is a fantasy mirror reflection of the real universe in which we live. Main difference is the fact that in HPU hanging was considered as the most popular form of entertainment since Ancient Egypt.
There is also one minor difference. I made the decision to slightly change names of locations, institutions, companies and social media websites. So you will encounter names like State of Texxas, City of Bosstown, Instagrant, Faces&Books. And so on...

Story of my Universe, starts in July, 2032. When Ashley Morgan, 38th President of the United States signed the Lethal Entertainment Bill, which allows organization and participation in consensual hanging events.

Storytelling is based on Episodes. You can find my first introduction Episode here. At this moment I have prepared ideas for 11 Episodes and 29 sub-stories. I would love to produce a new episode every month, but I'm not sure if my GTX 970 can handle this. This is why I'm aiming at upgrading my graphic card with GTX 1080 Ti or RTX 2080.

4a65407d e236 4f2c 9b04 f77435bf41bd 120x120 37x1 669x669

*Work in Progress*First par...

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