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I'm working on a small game project. You can help fund it.
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Version 0.21 Update is officially released!

Well this took... some time.
You can download the latest version of the game here:
MEGA download.
Google Disk Mirror.
Also - an optional 32-bit version for those of you that have older PC's:

Due to Google Disk having a false-positive Virus check on .EXE files, the .RAR archive is now encrypted. Use the password "idsaybucketsofart" to open the archive.
The game is still FREE to download and play!

Version 0.21 is finally out - and boy, do I have some content for you!
We got NEW Girls! NEW Building panels! A NEW interaction! And to top it all off - Metachoke has allowed his Tammy to join the girls in the Garden!

I also brought a ton of new bugs into the game, but that's besides the point...

Patch Notes:
- Added 5 new Seed Types. (Tree, Sunflower, Watermelon, Flytrap and guest character - Tammy!)
- Added 2 new building panels. (Greenhouse and Sitting Panel)
- Added additional animation data.
- Added new Responses to the Girls.
- The Girls will now look around the place and not just stare into the blank void.
- Attention meter can now be restored via the Sitting Panel.
- New "Interaction" available in the game via the Sitting Panel. Use WASD and Diagonal buttons to jiggle some melons. (This is working in a very rough and buggy state - but should let you do some nice screenshots once you grow the melons a bit).
- Moved the screenshot button to the "P" Key.

- Updated the Outline Mask to fix a Shader bug.
- Minor Performance optimization by deleting useless clutter generated at runtime.
- Fixed a bug that made the Plant Girl lose a ton of weight right after gaining it.
- Fixed a bug with Message Transparency window.
- Adjusted the booby physics. The Titties should be much more calm now.

Developer Notes:

So where do I even begin...
Currently there are 7 playable girls, however the amount of interaction and customization with them is limited. The newly added, non-creatively named "Sitting panel" let's you interact with the girl by playing with her boobs. Although, truth be told - it is a very rigid and weird interaction.

So why release the current patch in this state?
Mainly to not keep people waiting too long. It's been quite some time since Version 0.2 dropped - and it pretty much didn't add anything new. It was just a more clean version of 0.11. Version 0.21 would bring some more content to the game, but if I was to release a more polished Touch the Titty interaction, it could add another week or two into the wait.

Releasing the patch without the Sitting Panel however would mean that the Attention Gauge would remain useless. So I decided to release the crude version instead of withholding the game for another week or two.
The current version should let you take a nice Screenshot once you grow the titties a bit.

So what is the roadmap (fancy "AAA" game word) for the game?

Well - the next requested feature that I truly agree needs to be added is SAVE STATES - so that you can grow multiple Plant Girls in different Shape formations as you please. There isn't even a point to make a vote about it - I think the majority of people agree on this one. WE. NEED. MORE. SAVE SLOTS. Than just having ONE girl growing.

Unfortunately this will mean that the next patch - which will be Version 0.22 - that brings the Save Slots will DELETE YOUR EXISTING SAVED GAME. But hey - it will bring new content AND multiple save slots. That's good, right?

As for the other features, there is a ton of possible options suggested and I might just run another "Paying Supporters ONLY" vote for them. We have the option to introduce some really MASSIVE boobs into the game (which shall be dubbed the "Expansion" expansion), Bees that will visit the Plant Girl to "play", more customization options relating to Plant Girl Height (so you can make a shortstack as well as a tall Tree girl - as you see in the picture teasing that feature) and more.

For now though - I'll probably be taking a break and do some other stuff for now.
The game has little to no support right now, so Updates will appear when they do. Want more stable updates? Support the game by donating OR showing the game off to people who would.

Also - if there is a Plant Girl OC you would love to see as the next Guest Character - do tell me. I'd love to see more of these Vegan Cuties. 

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Thanks for the tip. The game is distributed for free, but I appreciate the notion.

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Outside of voting Privileges - your ideas for new content will be added to the voting Poll by default. Do note - outlandish ideas that are impossible to implement will not be added. (like making the game into an MMO with Time Travel)

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Recent posts

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Public post

Reviving the Magical Seed Garden project.

Well this is probably an unexpected update after a long time of silence.
I guess I should do a short explanation of what happened:

So I've heard a lot of good stuff about this Visual Scripting plugin called "Bolt" that was available on the Unity Asset store. I went and purchased it and like an UTTER IDIOT - I just decided to implement it into the project files without doing a backup for the project.
That move entirely bricked all of the code I did with Playmaker before.

Unfortunately - Bolt was worthless. It's a Visual Scripting system, however it has a bit of false advertisement to it. Bolt is LITERALLY a pointless plugin. It's literally just Coding in C# with a visual overlay - and that overlay introduces more problems and confusion than doing the code by hand. So after some struggle with it - and my own idiocy on not making a BACKUP of the project files - I ended up with a project that has to be redone from the beginning.

Do note - "project files" does not mean "game files". The game file still exists in Ver. 0.21. However the project files are the Unity Project that let's me adjust code and everything.
This basically means that Ver. 0.21 CANNOT BE UPDATED in any way.

Now - the funding for the project was pretty much nothing, it had bugs and with the thought of restarting all of the stuff from scratch I just didn't want to bother - so I removed the page and deleted the Magical Seed Garden stuff from my Social Media.

And thus - the project got canned.

So - what's next?

Lately I've been considering reviving the project.
The fact everything has to be made from scratch means a few POSITIVE things actually:
- Making 3D models that will not break visually when they grow.
- More support for character customization.
- Fixing old bugs and introducing NEW bugs.
- New gameplay.

I'm setting up the new Project at the moment.
I am not asking anyone of anything - if you are interested in it, all you have to do is wait till I have a new build ready for playtesting.

I am not sure how long this will take to make. Might be a few months even.
However eventually we'll arrive at another build.

What can YOU do?

Well, the gameplay will be new. You can leave a comment below with your "hopes and dreams" about the game and what it would be. I promise nothing - but if you post what you would want to see - it might impact the direction of the new build. 

Of course - not everything can be made. I am but one guy. 
However you might mention something important that I glossed over - so hey - if you care enough, I'd read it. 
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Public post
There is a new Dev Log post I made on that you can view here.

The tl'dr version is this:
- Next Update is coming next year, probably around January/February but might take longer.
- MAJOR gameplay changes coming
- Growing the girl will get removed
- You will be able to create your favorite girl from the very start
- The Garden will switch from "meeting her survival needs" to "playground of fun and sexy activities"
- No more fucking gauges to attend to
- No more "HEY LISTEN!" with a joke, but instead some visual novel interactions. 
- New, fresh bugs will come.
- No more "seeds" but you will mix and match parts to your liking. 

See you next update!
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Public post

We got a Guest character!

Thanks to the amazing Metachoked - Tammy will join the Magical Seed Garden game with the drop of Ver. 0.21. (coming probably next week)

Thanks again for letting her play!
(Check his Twitter here:

Got questions about the game? Visit the discord:

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Public post

The upcoming Patch for Version 0.21 will add some additional CONTENT and not just bug fixes. Finally! Some extra CONTENT for the game!

So what will be in the upcoming Ver 0.21 patch?

The $5 and up Subscribers have casted in their votes - and decided that the new Seed Types for the girls will be Tree(Undefined), Flytrap, Watermelon and Sunflower.

Originally the Flytrap was requested to be a Piranha Plant, however I cannot add a very protected IP character into this game - or it'll get shutdown before you can say "Incoming Lawsuit".

Outside of that - New Building Panels will be added. Among them, the ever missing "Greenhouse" Panel which will finally let you up the saturation of the girl's color. 

Attention will finally receive functionality - along with FINALLY a minigame for... erm, "interaction" with the Plant Girl. A small one - call it a teaser - but more will come as the game gets updated. 

When is the Update coming?

Within the following week or two. Relatively soon.

What will NOT be added?

As you can see in the Preview image - the girls have different heights. This is something I am experimenting with, but will not make it to Ver. 0.21 of the game. It's still being figured out, but once I am done, you should be able to customize your Plant Girl even more. 

The custom expressions will also not make it into Ver 0.21 but will be following relatively soon afterwards. 

Updates will happen more often the more funding the game gets. ver 0.21 is coming relatively soon, however afterwards there will be some downtime expected. 
See you in a few days for the Ver 0.21 release!
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Public post

Version 0.2 is now AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD!

Get your Magical Seed Garden Ver. 0.2 here!
(Or at this mirror)

So it is 6th of August 2019 and FINALLY the Ver 0.2 is ready! It's a big update, so let's get to the details.

Patch Notes:
- The game logic has been completely re-written from scratch.
- New Building Panel logic.
- New Plant Girl AI.
- New Plant Girl Spawning method.
- New Personality Manager for the Plant Girl.
- New Growth Manager.
- New Construction Mode.
- Added SAVE/LOAD Functionality.
- Added "Mute Sound" button.
- Added "How to Play" in the game menu.
- Added a new "About" info in the game menu.
- Added a "Continue" option in the Main Menu.
- The "New Game" option will now warn you about deleting your current Saved Data.
- Camera Functionality has changed.
- The Construction Menu is now different.
- Soil Bed no longer is required to exist in the garden and can be removed or rotated at will.
- The Attention meter still has no functionality... yet!
- The Plant Girl will now talk to the player every now and then.
- Game Pace has been slowed down significantly.

Gameplay Changes:
- The game pace is much slower now, as intended originally. Thanks to the new SAVE/LOAD functionality, you can now grow your girl and save your progress so growing your perfect Plant Girl should now take a LOT more time.
- The Plant Girl will now talk to the player now and then. The amount of lines is limited now but will grow with time. Visit the Discord Server to throw in new dialog lines if you wish to contribute!
- The Attention meter functionality didn't make it into Ver 0.2 but shall arrive in the near Future along with some new Building Panels for the Garden.

Developer Notes:
Oh wow - I cannot believe that Ver 0.2 was actually made. I mean - let's be honest - we have almost no supporters here for a stable release schedule. Yet, somehow, here we are!

So the whole game was basically remade from scratch. A lot of bugs got fixed, the game is now scaleable, supports saving data... a lot has changed.
Originally this game was supposed to be a sort of "Waiting game" where you slowly grow your perfect waifu. It still has a long way to go until we can call this an actual game though. The Plant Girl doesn't talk much - customization options are really limited, the Garden is freaking bare... there is a lot of Content still missing.

Anyway - as time goes - I'll try filling it with content. More Plant Girl Types, more Garden Building Panels - more interactions, messages, etc... you get the drill.

Tell your friends about this - I think at this point it is a good Prototype to show off. It's a sort of Proof-of-Concept at this stage. It proves that I can actually MAKE THIS GAME, but it just lacks time in development to have the content it needs to become something big.

Anyway - for now, I will work on adding the missing Attention Meter functionality - and from there on I'll start adding more and more actual content into this game.

Got questions?
Join the official Discord Server:

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Public post

Update on Version 0.2
Day 1st of August 2019

Technical Changes:
- Updated the Stat Manager.
- Finished Shape Manager.
- Finished Growth Manager.
- Finished Type Manager.

Gameplay Changes:
- The Plant Girl will now consume her stats much slower and Grow her shape at a much lower rate than before. This change will reflect the more intended, slow-burn gameplay since the player can now save their progress on the Garden.

Development Notes:
"Finally finished the Shape and Growth Managers. These two are important code that handles all of the logic responsible for the Girl's Shape and ability to grow specific parts of the body. 

So a little bit of context - Version 0.11 has quite a messy way of implementing the changes to the Plant Girl's shape. While it worked, it was possible to cause future bugs if the Plant Girl would ever receive more possible body shapes. Right now, the new Shape Manager and Growth Manager are self-contained logic that can be expanded if need be - and also remember the Girl's Shape when you load the game back!

So with that - Version 0.2 of Magical Seed Garden will FINALLY contain SAVE/LOAD functionality. 

Also the game will now be much slower. This is intended, since the whole experience was supposed to be "Slowly growing your Plant Waifu" from the start. It is not yet final whether the current growing time will stay, however the plan is that fully developing your Plant Girl should take a few days. The game is not meant to be actively played, since it's mostly a "waiting game" for the majority of it.

Anyway - as time passes, more content should be introduced into the game, which will make the wait more... interesting."

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Public post

Update on Version 0.2 
Day 31st of July 2019:

- Created a cleaner Stat Manager.
- Passed down the Blinking Manager.
- Started work on a cleaner Shape Manager.

Development notes:
"So... as I went through the previous code on the Plant Girl, the only thing that stayed was the Blinking Manager, since it was the only clean thing in there.

The previous multiple FSMs that managed all of the Plant Girls stats were scrapped entirely and replaced by one, small and mega-clean StatManager. From now on, the Plant Girl's AI will ask only ONE FSM what the status of her stats is before making decisions. This will clean up certain weird-ass behavior. 

Also, I've started - although not finished yet - the new Shape Manager. This one will be a LOT more clean and scaleable. 

These changes are all meant to get rid of certain weird-ass behavior of the Plant Girl. Cause the old AI could basically request multiple actions, which would break the game in weird ways (Like bathing in the Sludge Bath AND WALKING at the same time - which would result in the Plant Girl burrowing through the ground). Now the AI will only perform ONE TASK at a time before it can queue up a new action. 

Anyway - after all of the old functionality is remade, I'll be adding the Plant Girl reactions and Attention Meter effects. She should soon be able to recognize the player a tiny bit."
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Public post

Version 0.2 Progress Update - 30th of July 2019:

This is the current PROGRESS Update - Ver 0.2 is NOT AVAILABLE for download yet.

So the new Construction System is finished for the Building Panels. It is MUCH BETTER in terms of „code”. It’s not real code per say - cause I use Playmaker - but people get mistaken anyway when I just call it „game logic” so eh...
Anyway - the new Construction System is much cleaner, easier to debug and SCALEABLE. Adding new Building Blocks for the game is now super quick, easy and clean.

Also - the Garden now has a SAVE/LOAD feature! When you return to the game, your Garden will be exactly how you left it! No longer will you have to rebuild it from scratch!

The next thing will be implementing new „code” for the Plant Girl and her SAVE/LOAD feature. Hopefully - one that will be less buggy and easier to expand with more actions. (And she won’t burrow around the Garden while taking a Nutrient bath...)

Additionally - the voting has come to an end.
The extra features in Ver 0.2 will be functionality for the Attention Meter and the Plant Girls will now reply now and then to the player!

If you got questions - I’ll be happy to answer them!
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Public post

First round of Voting for upcoming feature updates is here.

Currently as of writing this - we have 1 Supporter at the $5 Tier, so... guess they get to pick the next Features for the game.

A bit of explanation for these Features:
- Two Additional Plant Girl Types means you'll be able to select from 2 more Seed Types for the Girl.
- Building Panels add extra stuff to do with the girl and enhance the look of the Garden.
- Attention Meter currently does nothing. Choosing this option will mean that the Girl will gain some kind of functionality for that. Choosing this twice, means she'll get more effects from it.
- Text replies mean that while the Girl is walking around and stuff, she'll sometimes pop a Speech Bubble or something like that, saying something to you.

Voting ends by 20th of July 2019 - afterwards the selected features will be developed with time.
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Public post

Game Update - 10th of July 2019:

It’s been a bit since I’ve touched this project. After returning and taking a fresh look at it, I’ve noticed that there is no way to „patch” what currently exists, since it is a giant mess.

 So instead - I’ll just take the assets and give them new Logic. Hopefully - one that will work much better. Because of that Ver. 0.2 might take a longer while.

Ver. 0.11 (the current prototype) has been reuploaded and can be downloaded for free again. Check it out - it’s a buggy mess, but the Jiggle Physics work!

Also - I’ll be holding a vote for all supporters $5 and up for two new features that will be added into Ver. 0.2. The voting will be held till 20th of July 2019. Afterwards the features chosen will begin development. 

If you got questions - I’ll be happy to answer them!
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Post-Release Update:

Posted for $1, $5, $25 tiers
Unlock Tier
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Public post

The first Prototype Build of the game is here!

You can download the game demo here.
Also a MEGA mirror in case the first one fails.

Be aware - this is the 0.1 Alpha build - which means it lacks a ton of content and functionality.
However as time goes - if this project gets some support - I'll slowly add content.

One major issue you will notice is that there is no Save feature.
That will be implemented as one of the next features of the game, however for now - the Girls will grow at a rapidly accelerated rate, so within 5~10 minutes you should be able to have a Plant Girl with the body type you want.

Be aware - bugs will occur.
If you have a Bug Report - I'd ask you take a screenshot of it (Press S in the game - it will land in your Images folder) and post it in the Discord Server under "Bug Reports". 

If you wish to support the game, I have a few Tiers you can choose from.

Thank you for your interest in the game!
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Public post

The Magical Seed Garden now has a Subscribe Star!

I am currently developing a small game about creating your own Garden and growing a Plant Girl in it. It's a sort of "Virtual Pet" game that will be distributed around for free.

That said - once the game has a released Alpha Build, I will stop giving it such rapid updates to focus on other projects.
You can change that - by donating to the game's development fund here. 
If the game has enough funding - I'll be able to spend more time on adding extra content to it. More than that - you'll be able to vote for upcoming features or add your own requests for people to vote on. 

Thank you for your support. 

The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Creator's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
  • Support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.

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