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I'm working on a small game project. You can help fund it.
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Version 0.11 is here!

You can download it here via MEGA.
Also a mirror here.

So far the SubscribeStar has pretty much no support - but I did actually expect that to be honest. Plant Girls are a small niche, and I also don't really advertise this thing much.

Anyway - for now, the Updates to the game are gonna happen "whenever I have time and feel like it". Kinda the nature of these unpaid hobby projects is that they update without a schedule.

Anyway - Subscribers also have a new Channel on the Discord server:

For now - if no major bugs are happening to iron out, I'll start working on some more content. Additional Building Blocks, more Plant Girl Seeds and more interactions. This will slowly start being a game with more than 10 minutes of content...

Patch Notes v0.11:
- Fixed Several Bugs
- Replaced the Camera System with a new one. Use the Right Mouse button to move the Camera.

Bugfixes v.0.11:
- Fixed the Sun-Block bug. The Girl will now check every few seconds for items affecting sun exposure and update her material.
- Fixed the Pathing bug that made the Plantgirl get stuck on geometry or trying to walk through it. She should now correctly walk around obstacles. (WARNING - if you spawn an object like a WaterWell on a Panel she is standing directly on the Center off - she will get blocked. This will be fixed at a later date.)
- Fixed a bug that made the Plant Girl stand still and randomly become extremely fat if you reached 0 Water.
She should now correctly behave if you don't water her at a steady basis, you forgetful fuck.
- Fixed a bug in the NavMesh Agent that made the PlantGirl Diglett through the Garden while she's supposed to sit in the SlugeBath and Absorb your chosen Nutrient.
- Fixed a bug that made the Plantgirl stand up while sleeping if her Stamina dropped to 0 during a Sludgebath. She should now sleep normally on the bed again.
- Fixed a bug that allowed the Water Meter to drop below 0. Waaaay below 0..... It should no longer do that now.
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The first Prototype Build of the game is here!

You can download the game demo here.
Also a MEGA mirror in case the first one fails.

Be aware - this is the 0.1 Alpha build - which means it lacks a ton of content and functionality.
However as time goes - if this project gets some support - I'll slowly add content.

One major issue you will notice is that there is no Save feature.
That will be implemented as one of the next features of the game, however for now - the Girls will grow at a rapidly accelerated rate, so within 5~10 minutes you should be able to have a Plant Girl with the body type you want.

Be aware - bugs will occur.
If you have a Bug Report - I'd ask you take a screenshot of it (Press S in the game - it will land in your Images folder) and post it in the Discord Server under "Bug Reports". 

If you wish to support the game, I have a few Tiers you can choose from.

Thank you for your interest in the game!
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The Magical Seed Garden now has a Subscribe Star!

I am currently developing a small game about creating your own Garden and growing a Plant Girl in it. It's a sort of "Virtual Pet" game that will be distributed around for free.

That said - once the game has a released Alpha Build, I will stop giving it such rapid updates to focus on other projects.
You can change that - by donating to the game's development fund here. 
If the game has enough funding - I'll be able to spend more time on adding extra content to it. More than that - you'll be able to vote for upcoming features or add your own requests for people to vote on. 

Thank you for your support. 

Subscription Tiers

per month
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Tip Jar Tier

Thanks for the tip. The game is distributed for free, but I appreciate the notion.

per month
Ss logo sign mono back
Voting Tier

This tier gets you voting privileges for upcoming content.

per month
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Featured Idea Tier

Outside of voting Privileges - your ideas for new content will be added to the voting Poll by default. Do note - outlandish ideas that are impossible to implement will not be added. (like making the game into an MMO with Time Travel)



  • - Notifications on incoming Game Updates
  • - Voting for new game features
  • - Adding features requests to the game
The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
  • Support your Star by donating – one-time or recurring.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.

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to reach
the goal
When reaching this goal - the game will receive at least 1 update per month instead of "whenever it happens". So we reach a stable update schedule.
to reach
the goal
Updates for the game happen every 2 weeks instead of once per month.
to reach
the goal
Updates happen every week. At this goal, we're basically reaching stable update production for the game.

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