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  • By donating or viewing any of my art, you agree that you are at least 18+ years of age. Anything resembling intellectual property not owned by Foxpawmcfly is used in a parodic manner under fair use. Chat Rules for Telegram, Brainstorming, Streams, and other chat/comments are the same as the rules posted here: (Link Forthcoming) - To commission me, see all my other art, and contact me quickly, find me on FA. - Please don't contact me here unless you must, noting me on FA if is the best way to reach me. - Art/Animation that cannot be posted here, will provide a link to where it can be downloaded. - Notice: You may be required to have an FA, Google, or other accounts to gain early-access to some animation and other art. - I cannot ship any rewards outside the USA, unless specifically mentioned. If you are entitled to a reward that can't be shipped to you, I will offer a substitute. - Rewards left unclaimed by the due date (or within 45 days, whichever is sooner) will be forfeited without compensation. - Rewards do not "stack", cannot be combined with other offers, have no trade or cash value, and cannot be transferred without my express written approval on a case-by-case basis. Declined/Fraud/Unpaid pledges: - Pledges that are not paid for will not be eligible for access to any rewards until the payment is rectified. Repeat unpaid pledges that are not rectified will be blocked if not addressed in a reasonable amount of time after (on a case-by-case basis). - I reserve the right to deny service to and delete or block of anyone I choose based on my own judgment. - I reserve the right to change these terms at any time, including terms and rewards for patron pledges. - If you have any questions or comments, you can message me here or on FA.
  • Shrine of Fame = (Those who have donated above and beyond on this and other platforms): AvzinElkein, Sonic232, DarkWater, Phil, Klix Gummi, Biscuit. Older art link not working? Be aware, old links posted here may no longer work after 3 months, as they may be cycled out to make space for new files. These links will NOT be replaced with new ones, as all my work here is uploaded to my FA after 3 months of exclusivity.
  • NOTICE: My art is all FANTASY, not in real life. Just like playing Fortnite doesn't make you a crazed gunman, or enjoying Horror movies doesn't make you a slasher, enjoying kinky artwork doesn't make you a bad person. I support the values of honesty, consent, and empathy. And I do NOT support doing anything in real life that violates any creature's rights or free will. Nobody chooses their fetishes, and engaging with them in a safe, guilt free environment where no real creatures can come to harm is a healthy way to enjoy your desires.

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If I reach this goal: I'll be doing pretty much nothing but drawing and animating full time. Your ideas and votes will determine much of my work at this point, and I can potentially offer better rewards, like frequent collaborations.
to reach
the Goal
If this goal is met: I wouldn't have to open as many commission slots and could increase the amount of monthly non-commissioned exclusives I create (provided my wife's business is also doing well).
to reach
the Goal
If this goal is reached: My wife and I would be fully sustained by your pledges! We could afford luxuries like insurance, a working car, and live somewhere that's better for our health and morale. Maybe even go to conventions once in a while. Art, Animation, Live Events, Better rewards, Rainbow-explosions of awesomeness!

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