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Embryss Night
Embryss Night
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Embryss Night
Embryss Night
Interactive fiction! Most of it is powered by NaniNovel, but I also release regular stories, interactive stories in Twine, and I'm looking at adding so much more.
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  • The more support I have, the better games I can make. More art, more characters, more backgrounds are the big things right now. I'll put priority on new commissions to supporters first, offer polls for development, and share a few previews and talks along the way.

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Embryss Night

Welcome, again, and thank you so much! I've been frantically running around trying to close up lo...

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Embryss Night
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It's a bit early but why don't we get things kicked off anyway? I want to get right on making this worthwhile!    Later on I'll preview some of the next EN chapter and share a few details about development...  

But for now, I want to put together a series where you get to ask the characters any question you want!  I'll stick with Nyx, Dahlia, Alabaster, and Bez'hir for now, since they're the ones I have art for....  just comment or message me with a question and who they're for, and I'll rig up something where they respond in-character!   I'm going to cross-post to Patreon for now but after this month it will be for SubscribeStar only. 

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