The Hardcourt Edging Scale

I designed this infographic to help people describe their level of arousal and so communicate more clearly around edging and denial.

It's also attached to this post as a PDF.

Ways to use this:
  • Work through the different levels as you edge and recognise the different mental and physical impacts you have - become more aware of your responses. Are they similar to the list or do some differ?
  • Set yourself the target of reaching a certain level and staying there, how can you vary what you do and think to keep you at a certain level.
  • Work on keeping yourself in 'The Edging Zone' - think about how breathing and creating pressure in your body can help you get there, but relaxing your mind and body help you not go beyond
  • Try soft edging where you can only stimulate yourself to level 5-8 at most, and never allow yourself to get to the point where you could orgasm. What effect does this have on you compared to a 'hard' edge at 9. If you only have soft edges for a day or two, does the cumulative impact on your arousal still remain high?

I'd love your feedback on using this, and any ways I could improve it. Message me here or on Tumblr.