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Edging Erotica - Support James Hardcourt's erotic writing, focusing on the areas of tease, denial, and erotic edging
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Recent posts

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Edging Space Publishing
Public post

Something a little different - Pure Fantasy series

I've got three more books on the go in my growing 'Educational Erotica' library but those have all ended up being surprisingly romantic, and I wanted to have a go at something that was pure erotica.
The idea with these will be exploring specific kinks that fall within the boundaries of denial and edging. Romance is not going to feature, just hot, mindfucking fantasy.
The plan is that they just go full pelt into exploring specific kinks - and I'd love to know what you think of my choice for the first one. It's the fetish for breast size teasing. It is always one of the most popular when I talk about it on my main blog (although I recognise, with as with any of these kinks, it won't be for everyone).  Specifically the idea here of being denied because of it. It was inspired a recent post I made to Tumblr:

All breasts are beautiful. But for some of you it’s very hot to have a ‘reason’ why others should cum, but you aren’t allowed. It just adds a whole new level of mindfuck to it.
This might be things like your age, or your gender, or if you’re a virgin, or your height. Honestly the more unfair and unreasonable it is the hotter. But for many, breast size is the go to. It can be they’re too big, ‘orgasms aren’t for girls like you, you’ve been blessed with those breasts, that’s more than enough’.
But for most, it’s that they’re ‘too small’ ‘Small breast humiliation’ - the female equivalent of the very common ‘SPH’ fetish (you can figure that out…).
So, here’s what someone might say knowing you’re turned on by ‘SBH’.

‘Aww, are you staring again? I don’t blame you. Don’t you wish you’d fill a bra like this? God, fill ANY bra, right? But you can stare, I like it, as long as you remember what you can’t do. And what’s that? Oh look how red you’ve got. Say it with me, “Flatties don’t cum”. That’s it. Say it again… very good. 

‘Lift up your top. God, are you sure you’re not a guy? We can’t even call those tits, can we? Just little mosquito bites. No wonder you stare at mine all day. 

‘Anyway, put them away, he’s due any time. Who? That guy you fancy. What was his name? I don’t remember. I thought I’d be nice and invite him over. No silly, not for you. Look at these, he won’t even see you’re in the room. But I thought you’d like to edge while I make out with him. Just remember, no cumming. Why? 

‘That’s it. good girl.’

If that doesn’t do anything for you, that’s totally cool. But if it does, well maybe you’ve just discovered a new kink, congratulations!
I do ponder stuff like this, wondering what’s going on in our heads to make them a turn on. I think it goes back to that initial idea of being helpless. There’s just nothing you can do about it, and maybe it’s that helplessness, or the unfairness that’s arousing, or perhaps fetishising it is a coping mechanism.
Either way, explore it, embrace it, but don’t get too hung up on it, it’s just another turn on and truly, your breasts are beautiful, big or small or barely there at all. So keep it fun and keep it positive. And if you want more, well I’ve put a brief hint of this into my next book with Natalie, ‘On All Fours’ so you can look forward to that.

That post got me thinking about what kind of story could work to really make the most of this kink, and the thought of combining it with some kind of forced edging and breast suction scenario was what immediately came to mind. You know, this kind of thing...
'All natural' breast enlargement therapy?
The idea that's emerging is a story where a woman WANTS bigger breasts, but is going to have to be edged a lot, and give up her orgasms to get them.

I'm a few chapters in now and it's good, I think. My editor, who happens to have this kink, told me that trying to read them made her feel more like a guinea pig than an editor - I think that's successful? The emerging story hit her so hard she struggled to give sensible feedback at first.
I loved that.

So what do you think my dear followers, is this a hot kink to turn into a 'pure fantasy' story?

What other kinks do you think I should tackle?

If you're a paying subscriber I'll be posting the first few chapters here to get your feedback later today.

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The subscription gives you:
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