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I like drawing Monsters Boys & Girls <3 but I also do NSFW of famous characters for monthly illustrations! By supporting me you get to be part of my polls and suggestions. You get access before anyone else! <3
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Super grateful of your support! ✦ Your granted everything that's on feature!

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Super Duper grateful of your support and can't thank enough!
✦ 10% of all my Gumroad Adopts and Digital products.

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OMG!! Grateful of your support and kindness <3 ✦ ALL REWARDS

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I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY!!! Grateful of your support and kindness <3 ✦ ALL REWARDS ✦ VIP

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  • Access to Polls and Suggestion Threads for NSFW Pin-Ups
  • Early Access to finalized NSFW Art
  • Monthly Free Sketches on LIVE!

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Suggestion Thread for poses...

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I decided to have second tip-jar since many people had problems with patreon get cozy and be ready to see some lewds <3 

I'l be streaming freebies tomorrow!!  at 8pm AST

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