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The purpose of this site is to fund turning my works into manga, visual novels, and/or text-based novels/games with descent visuals that is user friendly.
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In Progress Fanfiction

This is where you get early access to the Fanfictions I am currently writing before they go free during my monthly updates on AO3. The works will be in Word and will only be for the most recent chapters that have not been posted for the public (so there may be several within the document).

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Immersive Content

This tier lets you in on the development process. Here you can see snippets of the games in progress, sprite sheets, artwork used, tutorials, and unused content etc relating to any games/VN/fanfics being developed/in progress.

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Recent posts

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Creative Fandoms

Gojo as Sukuna

Posted for $5, $10 tiers
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Creative Fandoms
Public post
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Creative Fandoms
Public post

Faces of Desire (Gojo x Reader x Sukuna Request)

Chasing a dream of a weapon lost in fantasy and rumor, $Name excavated a famous site only to find both the artifact she was looking for and power she never asked for. Now a jujutsu sorcerer and professor of Cursed Excavations at the Sorcerers technical college, she spends her life training to save the world and navigating love under dangerous circumstances. Then an unexpected curse enters the picture and her world is thrown into chaos as the man she is learning to love conflicts with the man that can awaken her powers and she is left with a choice: the path of least resistance where she can remain safely under Gojos guardianship and love or fall victim to the charms of the dark side as Sukuna's control over her emotions through her cursed item awakens a side of her she never knew she possessed or even knew she wanted to experiment with.

Can Gojo and the other jujutsu sorcerers keep her under wraps or will Sukuna seduce her turning her into a cursed bride capable of rewriting history as they knew it?

Public Version
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