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Boule profile
Hi, my name is Boule, I draw and write NSFW comics.
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I’m Boule, and my art is an erotic mix of homages to mid-century genre film and fantasy.

I am in my thirties and I have a professional background in cinema. I have always enjoyed making erotic drawings. Until recently, I didn’t share my erotic art all that much. I’ve decided to be more ambitious with my art and to share my stories with a wide audience.

I’m new to comics, but I’m having a blast with them. Your support will help me practice my porn creating skills and create new and exciting story ideas.

Looking around on the internet, I found my interests in classical movie homages to be a somewhat unexplored niche. So, I’m excited to expand into it and share my work with you.

On this page, we’re creating a community that will help my art grow. I welcome multiple viewpoints. My exchanges with you encourage me to evolve and improve.

Your support also helps give me freedom of expression, allowing me to draw and publish my work without financial constraints or censorship. As all art should be!

I work mostly in black and white. I do this to harken back to the silver screen, to focus on characters, and to integrate strong stylistic and scenic elements. My drawings are composed of clean lines inspired by mid-century modern beauties. While my art takes on the aesthetics of the past, everything you get here will be exclusively original stories for comics.

I’m looking forward to your support. I love working on these comics. My work at capturing the mid-centry feel is very close to my heart.

I am native French speaker and English is a second language, so please excuse any grammar mistakes, etc.

Comics in progress or in conception :

- Superstitious my first comic book inspired by the movie "Tormented" by Bert I. Gordon (1960). A ghost and sex story.

- Nosferatu Next Door from a script of Rawlyrawls ( that I illustrated, the story begins with Cassie, one night her husband introduces her to a neighbor who seems to be a vampire.

- Vison (Working title) is the story of a Swedish woman environmental activist who has to meet a Russian oligarch in Paris and discovers her fetish for fur... Her guilt will play tricks on her.

- Dirty Hands (Working title), Katherine, a shy but virtuoso young piano player, loses her hands in a terrible accident. Martha, a world-renowned surgeon, wants to save Katherine's career by performing a feat: a double hand transplant. Unfortunately, the former owner of her hands was a sex addict. Katherine's life will be turned upside down.
Don't hesitate to share my work! Thank you!

On my twitter and Reddit (strictly NSFW) :

To view my comics online (public release), in chronological order :

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Thank you very much!

-Access to my comic pages and artwork before public release.

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Thank you so much!

-Access to my comic pages and artwork before public release.

-Access to sketches and WIPs

-Access to Boule's Discord

-Voting in any polls I post

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Black and white sketch!

You are entitled to a monthly single black and white sketch with two characters of your choosing. Commissions guide:

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Color sketch!

You are entitled to a monthly single color sketch with two characters of your choosing. Commissions guide:

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I am currently working on the illustrations "Nosferatu Next Door" from a script of RawlsRawly (

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