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Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
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Blue Dragon profile
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Free-lance comic artist. I'm a huge fan of manga and anime, but my interests extend into a wide variety of genres. I create two comics: one Manga inspired, Dark Horse, and the other Edward Gorey inspired, The Whimper in the Dark.
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The five dollar subscription level is supremely (and I mean SUPREMELY) helpful to me! Sometimes I just need a single supply that's under $5, so this would make it so that we don't have to stress our budget when I need supplies!

What you get: access to members only blog, sketches, color sheets, info, and random stuff I want to share with members. It's a little way to thank you for helping me out.

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Sapphire Tier

Ten dollars a month adds up quickly and is so incredibly helpful! This helps with supplies and the cost of living as I try to build this business.

But what do you get? In addition to the extra art, info and such of the $5 level, you also get one fully inked drawing a year. You can pick whatever page you want that I've got up on my comic site, and I'll ink it anew, sign it, and if you like, even write a little personalized message. It's my way of thanking you for supporting me!

Thank you! Thank you!

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  • Early access, color pages, information and updates, product updates and more!

Recent posts

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Blue Dragon
Public post
Well hello, hello!

It's that time of the year again! Dark Horse, for the second year in a row, participated in the Valentine's Day Sex Drive! Last year, I wanted to do a more classy pin-up, so this year, I challenged myself by doing a more risque piece. And it's suiting for Keisuma, the main antagonist in Dark Horse, to be sitting on a burial mound relishing her destruction :D

If you'd like to visit all participating VDSD comic sites, please check this image out on my main website!

Hope you all had a safe and Happy Valentine's Day!


~Blue Dragon
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