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ArtByCoffee profile
Digital artist who specializes in anthro and furry arts.
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Subscription Tiers

per month
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Black Coffee

Just your everyday plain tier. For those who can't afford much but still want to give their support.

0 subscribers
per month
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Iced Coffee

A bit above black coffee. Subscribers to this tier will get a chance at participating in request streams and getting a sketch!

0 subscribers
per month
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Cream and Sugar

Subscribers to this tier get the added bonus of request streams for a colored bust sketch! This tier and higher tiers also get sneak peeks at WIPs I've got going on.

Limited (0 out of 20) subscriptions
per month
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Select this tier monthly if you'd like to be part of an exclusive stream for Latte subscribers only! Each subscriber to this tier gets to vote on a character of mine/canon character to draw a lewd of during the stream.

Limited (0 out of 15) subscriptions
per month
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Specialty Coffee

Only a handful of people per month get this tier. Depending on demand I may increase the amount of subscribers slightly. This tier would feature your character/s (up to 2) doing something lewd. You may also select from my characters for participation.

Limited (0 out of 6) subscriptions


  • Each subscriber gets a chance to enter into a live request stream for a piece of free art on occasion. I have tiers set up to host exclusive streams for certain tiers.

Recent posts

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WIP of a lewd YCH for a couple of clients.

Posted for $10, $20, $45 tiers
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