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Altarune profile
I've been a game developer for over a decade now, focusing mostly on programming and 3D art. I am currently working on Altarune, an adult harem-building game.
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The Tomato welcomes you!

Hi there! And welcome to the Altarune SubscribeStar page. 
Altarune is a harem-building adventure and training RPG. It follows the hero Rae, a human who upon meeting Nekome, a mysterious Nekomimi, finds himself getting caught up in a quest to help save the kingdom of Altarune.
Along the way Rae will be meeting various girls to add to his harem. These girls will be able to explore new dungeons, be interacted with and trained in various ways. 

What kind of game is it?

Altarune has three main game modes: Dungeoneering, HQ Building and Play Mode.

Dungeoneering is an adventure mode reminiscent of typical action RPGs. Heavily inspired by EasyGameStation's Recettear, this mode features procedurally generated dungeons for you to explore in a top-down view. Taking control of your harem member of choice you will encounter various enemies, treasures and hidden areas. Encounters here can have significant effects on the chosen girl's personality, likes, and dislikes.

HQ Building is exactly what it sounds like - a base-building mode where you can fully customize your guild's HQ. You can add furniture and decorate using a grid-based approach. You will be able to seat your harem members on chairs or couches, lie them down on beds, put them in various contraptions, and make them play with whatever entertainment you provide them with.

Play Mode is where you interact with your harem members in a close-up view. You are able to talk to them, praise or discipline them, (un)dress them, and play with them using a wide assortment of tools and collectable toys.
While Altarune is an 18+ erotic video game, production will be approached from a "game first" development standpoint. The first and foremost goal of this project is to create an entertaining and high-quality game with solid mechanics. Rather than trying to force a sexual angle onto every single step along the way, the game will instead use erotic elements where they fit.

That said, there is plenty of hentai content in the works, and even in the game already. This will include:
  • Intractable furniture, including:
    • Cages
    • Wooden Horses
    • Fucking machines
  • A dedicated Play Mode featuring all sorts of tools and toys, such as:
    • Petting
    • Squeezing
    • Posing
    • Sex in various positions
    • Dildos
    • Vibrators
    • Ticklers
  • A dedicated Play Mode for certain enemies encountered while Dungeoneering, where you take control of the monster and get access to monster-specific tools and actions.
  •  Outfits and accessories.
  • CG artwork collected by reaching various points in the story as well as dedicated mini-games.

 What state is the game currently in?

A while ago now I started by creating a vertical slice of the game. While the graphics for this are all a placeholder (no, Unity-chan will not be joining your harem,) this kind of prototype is meant to provide an idea of how each mode will work and how they all link together. 

 You can download and play this build here if you feel so inclined:
Since then I have focused on getting some real graphics going, implementing a proper Play Mode system and getting Nekome mostly ready for action. It's still very early stages for sure, but we're getting close to a build that can play through the intro mission, with all three modes functional and visually pleasing. A lot so far has been system design and creation. With everything coming together now, the next step will be creating and adding more content.

What do you need money for?

First and foremost, it's nice to eat. I believe in this project and want to work on it as much as possible. That said, a higher budget also means I can bring in additional talent. Concept artists, 3D modelers, texturers, CG artists are all required to make this project a success. Maybe we can even get some voice actors involved!
While I can do most of these things myself (let's be honest here, a male tomato can't exactly voice a female catgirl very well), hiring people to do these specific things will result in both faster development time and much higher quality results.

What do I get in return?

A better product, for one! The higher the budget is, the more time I can put into development and the more money I can spend on outside talent. 

Of course there are more direct rewards as well. As a subscriber you will be able to get access to subscriber-only channels the Discord server, exclusive sneak previews and updates, early access to devlogs relating to the game's design, and early test builds.

In the future I would like to add rewards like cinematic character renders and alternative CGs, as well as in-game rewards like exclusive toys and outfits also.

Where can I find more about this game?

You can view my ​devlog, which features blog posts on development, as well as screenshots.
​ You can also follow me on Twitter ​@bluetomatodev.

Subscription Tiers

per month
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Fresh Recruit

You join the gang's Guild of Dungeoneering! This means you get access to our exclusive channels in our Discord server, as well as preview posts and bi-weekly updates. If you are an individual your name will appear in the credits of the game (you can opt-out if you want. Business credit requires a Guild Leader-tier subscription). You also hold mine and Nekome's sincere gratitude and 0.000152% of my soul for all eternity.

1 subscriber    Fresh Recruit
per month
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Junior Dungeoneer

Being a proper Dungeoneer, you gain early access to devlogs talking about the game design going into Altarune, as well as any dungeons as they are discovered in the form of preview builds. Sometimes this means the dungeons or features you are testing will be riddled with bugs. Be wary, be safe, but most importantly, have fun.

0 subscribers    Junior Dungeoneer
per month
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Veteran Dungeoneer

Having had your fair share of experiences and a solid understanding of our guild's inner workings, you gain access to a special Discord channel. Here your sagely advice may be requested from time to time in the form of polls or various discussions regarding the future of the game, content, and development priorities.

Anyone who's been on this tier for at least one month will gain access to an exclusive "Early Supporter" Nekome outfit, starting with the second build from now.

0 subscribers    Veteran Dungeoneer
per month
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Guild Leader

Let's face it, you've got gold to burn. You robbed the elves, looted the western ruins, bought stock in Arcadia's ArcaNet and now all you want is to sit back and watch Nekome and the gang put on a show while you throw money at them. At this tier you get an optional link, title or tag-line on your in-game credit if you're an individual (1 month minimum), or your name or logo shown if you are a business (3 month minimum).

0 subscribers    Guild Leader


  • Help build a 3D, anime-style adventure harem game.
  • Have a say in the development's direction.
  • Be the first to see new content and receive exclusive in-game goodies.

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Public post

The first CG of the game's first set! Unlocked by playing the Image Restoration mini-game, with 4 different images to unlock! Subscribe to see the second one as well.

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