About me

I am Sedid, a young adult of 25 years old. I discovered visual novels with F95Zone, and it was really refreshing. I've played my fair share of games, until I realised two things:

First, I've fallen in love with adult visual novels (yes, you can call me a pervert ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)).

Secondly, I wanted to create my game to contribute to this magnificent community and share my own stories.

INFO: The download link for the game is available on the discord server.


Steven (or whatever you've called the protagonist) just turned eighteen when his parents kicked him out to the house. Robert, his uncle, is the only option he can think of to have a roof under his head. However, Robert is poor, and Steven will have to earn his stay with his new family. For the first time, Steven is forced out of his comfort zone. He will need to take decisive actions if he wants to turn his life around.

Steven wants to educate himself, but he needs to make some money. Will he be able to be both a student and an employee? If the opportunity presents itself, will he choose to get revenge on his parents or forgive them?

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Why subscribe?

If you decide to pledge, it will mean a lot to me. I will be thrilled to know that my work is loved and more motivated to enhance the quality of the visual novels you decided to support! With your help, I will be able to fulfill the many fantasies, I know you have :)

Next year, I'm going to do a master in video games, far away from my home ( -> I will buy one way plane ticket). It will give me the opportunity to learn more things to increase the quality of my game(s), but I need to afford all the cost that comes with this opportunity.

By supporting me, I will take into consideration your suggestions for the games; you will have access to polls, exclusive content and it will show that my work is appreciated, which could led me to make faster updates.

You can also support me without pledging, on my Paypal link.


This is a visual novel for adults only. All characters in this game are fictional and not intended to appear real, nor to resemble any real person, living or deceased. All characters are over the legal age of 18 years old (unless alcohol is involved, in which case, they are over 21). The game contains strong language and sexual content.

What can you expect of this game?

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New Environment (the name of the game) has a "vanilla" path, where you will have a lot of adventures in many places (cities, school, beach, ...). In the second update, a "darker" path will be included. It will contain exclusives scenes and other fetishes, such as netorare.

I will write elaborated scenarios. I want my games to be peculiar. The graphics and sound environment are really important for me even if my main tool is a potato pc.

Some Fetish that will be included (non-exhaustive list):

• Corruption

• School setting

• Blackmail

• Netorare (avoidable)

• Voyeurism

• Harem

• Milf

This visual novel is using both Western and Japanese aspects.

Language: English


Main character: multi-protagonists (male and female)

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What I won't do:

New Environment will not have a free roam world, mini-games or other functionalities that require a lot of time in programming.

Why Subscribestar?

The leader of this industry takes most of the creators' benefits. A lot of artists abandon their project, because they can't fund it. Subscribestar is transparent and take normal fees. By pledging on Subscribestar, you help game developers a lot! It's your choice to: support the making of visual novels or the subscriptions plateforms.