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Wukong profile
I'm just a dude writing, whether it be smut or just a regular story. My only hope is that you enjoy it, and the ride that comes with.
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Hey everyone, so I'm the author/star. You're probably wondering why I'm doing this? Well... actually you probably aren't and already know why. That one immutable fact of life. The bills don't pay themselves, nor does food place itself on my table.

This is basically glorified donations, however. I will not paywall any of my content and you giving me your own hard earned money is entirely optional. The only thing you'll gain access to is polls on commissions, if we ever get that far; and a vote for a monthly short story. Since I have to give my donators something. But fret not. The finished product will still be completely public and open to you if you do not wish to pay.

Currently most of work is taking place here. But it's possible I may branch out in the future. Wish me luck, and stay safe yourself.

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Your title is virgin, but you're still awesome. Seriously, I meme but it means a lot to me.

1 subscriber
per month
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You're a true chad thumping that cash and food down on my table with your massive schlong.

0 subscribers
per month
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The chad of chads. You are not like them, for you stand even higher in your decadence. You are... a Thad!

0 subscribers
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You are a beast unlike any other. Apex of even the Thads. Pinnacle of man. You are the legendary, Lad.

Also you have far too much money to spend.

2 subscribers


  • Everything's free man. These are just a way of showing support.
  • You do however get the ability to vote in a monthly poll for a short story.

The subscription gives you:
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  • Support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.

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Hey, I actually have donators at this goal. That's honestly more than I expected and gives me a VERY good reason to keep doing what I like.
$18 of $30
per month
A big leap I know. But with this I'm making a dizzying amount, considering what I produce, and can likely start making commissions. For my stories and of course, you, the reader.

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